Day 1, 2011

chillax party by the lake

“come one, come all”

fireworks display at 10:00 pm

image from the PGIN MCO

What do Ilocos, Cagayan de Oro, CamSur, Cebu, Davao and Subic share in common this coming Holy Week?

A fun fashion event!!

If you are a certified Havaianatico,

who has that certain za za su

in French, that je ne sais quoi,

or in the vernacular, iti makunkuna nga ‘adda diak ma-X-plica kanyana’,

and love the beach,

then you have to check this out… and make plans ASAP.

A roving Havaianas team will be in Pagudpud, and yay! An exclusive Havaianas Flip-Float (life-size slipper raft) awaits you.


  1. Event Period is from April 2-3, 2010 in Pagudpud.
  2. Spotting will be from 10:00AM-4:00PM only at Pagudpud. April 2 – Maira-ira beachfront April 3 – Villa del Mar beachfront
  3. Spotted individuals will receive a fully inflated Flip-Float or a stub which can be redeemed for a fully inflated Flip-Float at the Havaianas Air Station located in Villa del Mar beachfront.
  4. Claiming of the Flip-Float will be from 10:00AM-4:00PM at the Havaianas Air Station only.
  5. Individuals below 16 years old may only receive the Havaianas Flip-Float when accompanied by a guardian in original Havaianas.
  6. Individuals who receive the Havaianas Flip-Floats will have their pinky finger marked.
  7. Individuals who receive the Havaianas Flip-Floats should be physically fit and able to follow the safety precautions.
  8. Individuals may not present themselves to be spotted and no proxy will be entertained. Only the individual spotted is entitled to receive the Havaianas Flip-Float.
  9. Event organizers will not be held liable for accidents due to the misuse 0f the Havaianas Flip-Floats.
  10. Recipients of the Havaianas Flip-Floats must be willing to have their photo taken by the official Havaianas photographer(s) and must be willing to have their pinky finger marked.
  11. Defective Havaianas Flip-Floats must be turned over to the event organizer for replacement.
  12. Valid only while stock lasts.

Only from Havaianas, the World’s Best Rubber Flip-Flops

Villa del Mar and Red Dot


May I remind you that your Havaianas must be authentic? Visit Red Dot now if you want to flaunt a  new pair at the 2-day event.  A Havaianas lounge (cooling station) will be set up at the Villa del Mar beachfront from April 2-3 for those who want more über-stylish Havaianas.

I heard photos of the chosen new owners of the über-cool Havaianas Flip-Floats will be posted on the Havaianas Facebook page. Oh, did I mention that about a hundred rafts will be given away? I need to pack my beach bag… coming up.

is located at 72 F.R. Castro Ave, Laoag City Tel. No. (077) 772-2046