The Fruit Garden Luxury Jams @ the FoodPrints Christmas Special

Sandy Daza

It’s the first day of December tomorrow, a Monday, it’s also the airing of the FoodPrints Christmas Special! Inviting you to watch at 9PM on the Lifestyle Network.

Because Chef Sandy Daza’s holiday table has an excess of the best finds, there’s a Part 2 on December 8 at 9PM.

The Fruit Garden

Among Sandy’s discoveries that are worth highlighting in the Christmas Special is The Fruit Garden, a locally made line of traditional French-style jams cooked in small batches. FoodPrints wiill show you how Frenchman Pierre prepares the jams in true Provencal tradition. These luxury jams are served at 5-star hotel restaurants and are available at leading supermarkets like Rustan’s and Landmark. You will also find them at select bazaars and weekend markets. Chanced upon them at the Lucky Chinatown Mall Weekend Gourmet Market. It got me excited ‘coz I heard a couple of moms checking out the gift boxes talk about Chef Sandy and his feature.

Lucky Chinatown Mall Weekend Gourmet MarketAt the mall.The Fruit Garden JamsThe Fruit Garden

Collection samplers are beautifully packaged. Sizes vary according to your budget. The Fruit Garden Luxury Jams are also available in festival gift boxes covered in fabric inspired by 17th century Indienne patterns. Interestingly, the luxury collection theme changes with each year.

The Fruit Garden jams boxesJamTasting

I have a personal favorite — sourish calamansi brandy with bitter undertones that is pleasant to the palate. Because jams are made of 100% fruit, pectin and sugar, this particular one is not super sweet.

Calamansi Brandy Jam

I don’t want to preempt your viewing pleasure, so please don’t forget that tomorrow’s a date. Friends abroad, FoodPrints is also aired on The Filipino Channel.

Happy Monday! A great month everyone!

The Fruit Garden Luxury Jams

The Fruit Garden
295 Haig Street Lyric Apartelle
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
Tel No.: 6214603
Email /

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FoodPrints with Chef Sandy Daza: The Christmas Special

The FoodPrints Christmas Special

The Filipino Christmas is chock-full of grace, family, camaraderie, merriment, nostalgia and festive food. Chef Sandy Daza invites you to celebrate the season with him in your homes. Airing soon on the Lifestyle Network is the FoodPrints with Sandy Daza Christmas Special, buttoned up by his sister, Appetite food magazine editor-in-chief, Nina Daza-Puyat, purveyors of fantastic holiday food and masters of the most exquisite desserts in Manila and a bunch of his chef buddies and close friends.

Picture 865Cooking with Nina Daza

Sandy and Nina will relive the memory of their Christmases with mom Nora Daza

Caviar PiePicture 484

Franco Daza is also appearing on his dad’s show.

Chicken EmpanadaChef Heny Sison

An institution, Chef Heny Sison will show you how to make her timeless fruitcake.

The Christmas Special is fully-loaded with demos and tips, so stay tuned. Hope you enjoy the photos.

French JamsThe Fruit Garden luxury jamsCatherine's Apple PieApple Pie and Ice CreamFog City Creamery 2Fog City CreameryFiduaMr. Cochinillo’s fidua, a noodle paella.Potluck Party 2LechonGeneral's LechonWon Ton CupsCake StandsPineapple Upside Down CakeCake MastersPicture 668Baby Pat's EnsaimadaTorta TorrejonSandy DazaThe Plaza Baked Ham


Below is the FoodPrints team wishing you a Merry Christmas. Cheers!

Merry Christmas!

UPDATE: the FoodPrints Christmas Special directory here.

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Sports Unlimited Laoag “La Paz” Sand Boarding/Duning BTS

Sports Unlimited BTS 16

Sports icon Dyan Castillejo and prominent TV host Marc Nelson were in Ilocos recently to shoot for Sports Unlimited’s upcoming episodes. At the end of a via ferrata adventure in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur, Sports Unlimited proceeded to the capital of Ilocos Norte, Laoag City, where they were led to the capital of sandboarding in the Philippines for the uniquely Ilocos thrills, with no less than the pioneers of sandboarding in the country, the Laoag Eco-Adventure Development Movement, simply known as LEAD.

Dyan and Marc are not new to La Paz. Sports Unlimited was the first sports and adventure show that featured the iconic Laoag La Paz Sand Dunes more than a decade ago. A couple of LEADers were among a group that hosted Sports Unlimited for that first ever local sand duning adventure on Philippine television, which later evolved to a creative palangana, yes, a batya adventure, if you will recall. And then came the trending sandboarding culture introduced by LEAD Movement.

Very pro to the core, the duo tried every imaginable trick on a board. The younger members of LEAD were so amazed.

Catch Sports Unlimited every Saturday evening on ABC-CBN with replays on the ANC Channel.

Marc NelsonSports Unlimited BTS 14Marc Nelson at the Laoag La Paz Sand DunesSports Unlimited BTS 12Sports Unlimited BTS 10Sports Unlimited BTS 13Sports Unlimited BTS 15Sports Unlimited BTS 9Sports Unlimited BTS 8Sports Unlimited BTS 7Sports Unlimited BTSSports Unlimited BTS 6Sports Unlimited BTS 5Sports Unlimited BTS 4Sports Unlimited BTS 2Sports Unlimited BTS 3LEAD Movement

With special thanks to Sports Unlimited, Dyan and Marc, Gene and the rest of the crew.

Contact LEAD Movement:  Reny Tan 0919-873-5516 /0917-841-5155 or Nicole Arce 0917-523-0331 Like Ilocos Sand Boarding on facebook.

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