Seeing Green

Beneficial herbal plants.

Earth-friendly Simple shoes made from recycled materials.

Vitamin and enzyme packed wheatgrass sprouters to grow at home.

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Ukay-Ukay: Thrifted Fashionality of A Third World Citizen?

A spur-of-the-moment trip to the newfound cavernous Gablay’s ukay place that now occupies  the old Isabel cinema in the heart of downtown Laoag  is like a treasure hunting expedition in an Amazon jungle with roaring tigers and purring kittens. Pre-owned stuff from the more developed Asian countries are hot commodity for the stylish and  swell, the brand-conscious “dengols” bunch, the ecochic tribe, and the plain stingy and unpretentious Filipinos.

bigger than you think

It was actually Ericke who brought me to the new ukay place. She buys most of her outfits at ukay places. I get adventure gear from Giwanay’s near the Laoag Supermarket. I was kinda overwhelmed by the ginormous collection of Gablay’s. The balcony section had me  real dizzy and sweaty. Anyway, I enjoyed taking photos of pieces I fancied.


Hey, nautical is so in!

Ericke finds this cool belt with gold elephants.

A macrame belt would change the whole look, don’t ya think?

Found this 85-peso beaded skirt, perfect with a classic wife beater tank top and a pair of flat sandals or Havaianas.

A shell sling bag that looks very now.

What about a “discotheque” look? Less than a thousand for the whole outfit.

Oh-so-cool plaid wedges.

She wanted this pair of mocassins…

then again, another cute pair of Jeffrey Campbell-inspired mocs.

Pleather and raffia for the PETA supporters…

and another one in the big trend at the moment — floral.

Gingham and Liberty print never left, a fact for the retro fashion lovers. I’d personally buy the shirt dress, have it altered to a mini, and wear it with a tan belt.

La, la, la, these boots are made for walkin’…

There’s also something for the chic puppy. I wonder how Gwennie would walk in heels? LOL

Ukay-ukay reminder: behave.

She who buys this is also a fake!!!! Don’t be a gauche. Respect the intellectual property rights of others.

Bye for now…

Photos by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED