Buraan River Cruise Adventure

If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in.
-Rachel Carson

The heads of the LEAD Movement, President Reny Tan and Executive Director Benny Arce, and their sons, Brandon and Sean.

I  have the coolest job on earth. Wherever the LEAD Movement goes, I follow because I’m their official secretary, photographer and publicist. Kidding aside, LEAD Movement is a family-oriented eco-adventure group that advocates responsible travel. Wives and children are most welcome. Just as it’s often said, it all starts with the family. We met up with Barangay Captain Celerino Abad for an exploration cruise down the tree-fringed Buraan River in Barangay Ablan in the northern coastal town of Burgos. From the river mouth, we navigated about 1.5 kilometers until the river was too narrow for the fishing boats. Fern, fruit and palm trees are interspersed with mangrove trees. I noticed some swallows hovering over the skies. Because of heavy rains over the past weeks, the water was somewhat murky. The fisherfolk say it is clear during the dry season and the deepest part might be 15 feet. A small tributary of the Buraan River was surveyed by Reny. According to him, since it’s extra narrow, the feel was more mysterious.

First time kayakers, Brandon and Sean, seemed so at home in their kayaks. Just when Sean was about to conclude the turnaround, he lost his balance. He gamely shoots back that it’s all part of the adventure.We joined another group of friends for an idyllic lunch by the rice paddies in a village east of the Burgos poblacion. The guys were thrilled with the barrio style fare prepared by the local folks The goat meat kilawen was tastier than what we usually have in the city. It had that mild smoky taste, which is interestingly distinct.

barrio lunch - kilawen ken kaldereta a kalding (kambing), nalengta a presko a tilapia, native a manok nga inadobo ken organic rice

goat meat ceviche

*Special thanks to Burgos Mayor Cresente Garcia; Barangay Captain Celerino Abad, Kagawads Marlito Geralde, Carlo Ravelo and Dennis Gervacio (Brgy. Ablan); Miss Liza Cid and Edgar and Rodel Pante.

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Paddling down the Padsan River

After two straight weeks of rain,  the sun came out today. We headed out to La Paz for a kayaking adventure down the Padsan River. To those who say it’s kinda becky, I beg to disagree. It’s not as easy as it looks. The great thing about the sport — it helps improve focus.

I’ll be posting more photos after another cruise in Burgos.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2011

School Break

Yesterday, all the trainees from all across the country, including myself, formed the first ecoguiding association in the Philippines. We named it PEGA for the Philippine Eco Guides Association. We’re done with a set of officers and unbelievably, a real cool logo; thanks to the creativity of Babbu Wenceslao of Dumaguete City.

As part of our ecoguiding training at the ISST, today, we were brought to the fine  eco-adventure sites in Subic — Pamulaklakin, Triboa Mangrove, JEST Camp, El Kabayo Falls and Zoobic Safari.

Not exactly in the outline, Tree Top Adventure was a treat. A bonus and a breather actually. No nerve-wracking classroom atmosphere.

The Philippine Eco Guides with Roslan and  Suhaimi from Teman Negara and Langkawi in Malaysia.

If we were a tree, we’d be a Christmas tree…

The most fun people I know.

We’re the tourists this time. Love.

My seatmate, Eires, a biodiversity expert. I call her Melai sometimes.

One hella Superman Ride! Awesome view!!

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