Eagle’s Nest invites you to its 11th anniversary buffet special

Eagle's Nest 11th year special

In the past decade, the Eagle’s Nest of Java Hotel became known for the tastiest baby back ribs in Laoag and the only place for appetizing teppanyaki and all-day crispy dinardaraan, along with homegrown poqui-poqui and bagbet (pinakbet with bagnet).

Now on its 11th year, Eagle’s Nest is happy to present its all you can eat dinner buffet of their house specialties this Saturday, September 27. Make room, friends!

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Bihon Dinardaraan for Lunch

Dinardaraan (dunuguan to the Tagalogs) is native to Ilocos Norte. It’s basically pig’s blood and meat stewed in spices and sukang Iloko. A more modern version of dinardaraan is the crispy dinardaraan made famous by Dawang’s Place, the well-liked Ilocano breakfast and lunch place with an uncontrived ambiance. For lunch I went to Eagle’s Nest by the Java Hotel and tried out their crispy dinardaraan on a bed of bihon (rice noodles), another dinardaraan mutation I heard about from a Manileño friend of mine. It sounded provocative.

It was strange in good way. For the audacious eater, it’s definitely a must-try. The waitress mentioned it was a hot seller. While I was relishing my chocolate meat, Alexa, who was with me, was also enjoying her own chocolate ice cream.

I had  piña colada on a whim.

I also tried the banana balls for dessert. Chocolate syrup over breaded saba. I guess butterscotch sauce would be a great complement to the banana balls.

They have huge servings at Eagle’s Nest. The menu is eclectic, with Filipino, Ilocano and Japanese fare. I delight in their sukiyaki and salmon sashimi on occasion.

Eagle’s Nest, Java Hotel
Gen. Segundo Ave.
Brgy. 55B Salet, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved