To Wabi Sabi via Calesa

Rizal St., Laoag

Arguably one of the best things about living in Ilocos, you can have quaintness at your disposal. The cool, breezy months make it so fit for nighttime calesa rides.

Wabi Sabi Dragonfruit Fruit  Teas

We did the calesa thing to Wabi Sabi Tea Café, comfortably so!

The jaded, as well as the up-to-date lovers of tea will take pleasure in Wabi Sabi’s freshly-introduced original line of indigenous tea drinks. The saniata ti Ilocos aka dragonfruit is underscored in the new four exclusive Wabi Sabi drinks, namely, dragonfruit milk tea, dragonfruit Yakult, dragonftuit fruit tea and dragonfruit deluxe with dragonfruit jelly and wabi cream.

They recommended the deluxe which is a refreshing pack of textures. Will definitely have to try the other originals.

Dragonfruit DeluxeWabi SabiWabi Sabi


Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

Share Tea challenge resurrected: Hazelnut milk tea with coffee jelly

Hazelnut Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly

It was great timing to go back to Share Tea. The hazelnut milk tea with coffee jelly was beaming. I actually got 2 drinks — I gravely needed a dose green tea, but I couldn’t say no to the new one.  The excitement didn’t wane. All the goodness of tea and coffee in this drink.

Anchored with hazelnut and luscious milk flavors, the sharpness of tea charmingly fused with the bitter characteristic of coffee in the chewy jelly. It’s my new favorite drink.

Hazelnut Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly

phone photos

Brandon and I share a love for green tea rock salt cheese.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

Share Tea one drink a day challenge: Orange green tea

Taiwanese Fried Chicken and Orange Green Tea

I got influenced by the girls ahead of me in the line at Share Tea.  I ordered pepper-flavored Taiwan classic crispy chicken. Hmnn? So, it has to be paired with grease-busting green tea. Lol, as if I’m out to clean a clogged drain.

The Taiwanese-style fried chicken nuggets, is a popular snack in Taiwan, I heard, and is common on the streets. Not sure if dredged in potato or cassava (tapioca) flour, the nuggets were crispy, well-drained, tender and tasty inside, and spicccyyy delicious! Would love to have it again. In a distinct manner, powder seasonings, like pepper, plum and wasabi, are used to jazz up the fried nuggets.

The full-flavored, slightly bitter green tea is matched with the natural zesty sweetness of fresh oranges. I made a mistake of getting 30% sugar level, no sugar would have been fine.

Flavor overload in a good way!

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