Meeting the Ilocos Dragon Lady’s Mimie

A new age farmer, Mrs. Edita Dacuycuy

Through all the four years I’ve been blogging about anything under the inspiring sun up north, special connections with people of all walks of life have been formed. I first wrote about new age farmer Manang Edita Dacuycuy in the early days of the LEAD Movement blog (here).

Colorful Fruits

A year later, I was happy to visit a bigger REFMAD Farms offering more dragonfruit bi-products (here). It is still one of the most visited posts in the blog. More than anything else, I feel so blessed to have photographed one memorable woman that has energized and encouraged several thousands more to grow the saniata wonder fruit.

To this day, Manang Edita continues to reap the fruits of her labor. She was awarded by no less than President Aquino and received the priceless opportunity to speak at an APEC event.

The Saniata Farmer

I guess Manang Edita loves the photo  (above) so much that it is on a huge tarpaulin somewhere in the coffeeshop. I remember she did mention that my hand with a dragonfruit against a blue sky is one of the photos in a presentation made for the farm by a university. I likewise treasure all the happy and candid conversations with the lady.

exotic cactus fuitBE screenshot

I met her daughter Mimie in this blog in 2011. I saw her for the first time only last month. She’s so blessed to have a mother like Manang Edita. Manang Edita is a such a beautiful example of a woman leader. She dreams big and turns her dreams to empower people. Seldom do we see truly natural, humble leaders nowadays. Indeed, wealth is in the heart.

REFMAD Farms in the town of Burgos, with Mimie around, is now a more total farm destination. An eco-lodge awaits the green tourist. Imagine a magical field of neonesque dragonfruit blooms in the night. Or waking up to cock crows and sunlit bold, quirky-looking fruits in a sea of greens.

Dragonfruit Farm

To the Dacuycuy family, I feel privileged to have been touched by your beautiful story. All the warm wishes to you.

DragonfruitThe Saniata FarmerDragonfruit
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