Döner kebab and more at Spitz


Döner kebab is to Turkey as shawarma is to the Arab world and gyro is to Greece. In multicultural Los Angeles, Spitz is the home of this hearty rolled sandwich filled with roast meat together with complementing flavors, traditionally a combination of different vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce, and zesty tratziki yogurt sauce. Choose your type of döner, and meat (beef, chicken, lamb or mixed meat), and with either falafel or veggies. Varieties include Street Cart, with garlic aioli, and lavash (flatbread) chips; Mediterranean with hummus, kalamata olives and feta; a French-inspired  döner with fries and lavash chips along with veggies; a spicy version with pepperoncinis and chili; and a Berlin version with a spicy sauce and tarty sumac. Speaking of Berlin, where Turkish immigrants introduced döners after WWII, döner has become a huge fast food hit that “Berlin is said to be the döner capital of the world,” says here.

Spitz Eagle RockKebabVertical meat rotisserie — makes döner kebab different to shish kebabs.

SpitzSpitz Street Cart DonerSpitz Street Cart Fries

In addition to Spitz’s signature wraps, their street cart fries covered in garlic aioli, feta and chopped onions and chili is enough reason to make Spitz a habitual stop. It is so good I could eat the whole thing.

Also in the menu are pita strips with hummus, salads, döquitos (Mediterranean taquitos), sweet potato fries, Berliner fries with red sauce, crispy garbanzos with olives, falafel balls, Bakluvit baklava, and craft beer.

Pita StripsMediterranean DonerBakluvitSpitz

I like the artful vibe in the air.

Spitz - Eagle Rock
 2506 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles
 (323) 257-5600
Spitz - Los Feliz
 1725 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles
 (323) 522-3309
Spitz - Little Tokyo
 371 E 2nd St., Los Angeles
 (213) 613-0101

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