In the Pink: Dior Rosy Glow and Lip Glow


Ericke flew in from LA the other day for a brief 2-week vacation and she got me Dior Rosy Glow for the cheeks and Dior Addict Lip Glow at the Bradley Airport Duty Free Shop, saving much than if she purchased them online or from a Dior counter in the mall.

Both feature Fresh Color Revival technology said to make them adjust to the chemistry of the skin to make it blush with radiance, so the color you get is a made-to-measure kind of healthy flush, all your own. Sounds gimmicky. For one, they don’t say how these glow products work exactly. But they are both pink and attractive that you’d want to believe pink and pretty. The blush is supposed to recreate a pinched-cheek tint, and the lip balm to enhance the natural lip color.

Vanity PlayDior Rosy Glow and Lip GlowDior Rosy Glow and Lip GlowDiorDio Rosy Glow

From the container, the blush looks bright and harsh, but surprisingly it turns out differently when applied, natural with just a light swipe. Perhaps because I’m medium toned, I got a sultry kind of pink on the cool side. It’s matte, and it stays on the whole day.  The subtle rose scent is classy. I’m not too fond of fancy and bulky packaging, so the luxe casing doesn’t really matter much to me for as long as it’s sturdy.

Dior Addict Lip Glow

The lip balm is much better than ordinary lip balms, not waxy, looks like gel almost, and the vanilla scent is dainty enough to eat. It’s not too glossy either. A pricey lip balm, but because it’s moisturizing, feels luxurious on the lips, the tube is cute and girly and the effect lingers long, I can pretend not to be bothered by the price. If it gave a little more color than the nude pink I got, it would be the most perfect lip balm.

You have to wait a little before glow blush and balm show significant color.

Pink Gloss

On Alexa, it’s a brighter pink:)

Year of the Snake

Photo taken from Ericke’s iPhone. Kinda grainy.

Mirror Shot

Before Ericke left for LA in February, she had a hair job at David’s and was able to wait for her next appointment at the same salon, with the same stylist, Yna. Haircut is way lot cheaper in the Philippines that you can afford to have a trim everyday. I’m not joking, there’s even a less than a dollar haircut with blow-dry.

Picture 485HaircutStraight from LA
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