Time stands still at the Don Antonio Bautista Mansion in Malolos


The Bautista-Uytangcoy Mansion on Sto. Niño in The Camestisuhan District (the old enclave of rich Sangleys and Ilustrados) in Malolos is a beautiful oddity in this day and age when bygone residences and buildings are one by one being torn down, letting remnants of the past vanish into thin air. This 1850s neoclassical mansion, redecorated in 1877 in French Art Nouveau style was witness to multifarious conversations, including classified, for the most part near the turn of the century after Jose Rizal returned to Manila to form La Liga Filipina and before his exile to Dapitan (when he met the 21 women of Malolos), and the different periods when the house was converted as a municipio, and then as a Japanese barracks, until current resident, famous film set designer Dez Bautista (filmography includes Katorse, Nympha, Diosa, Stepsisters, Tatarin, etc.), restored his ancestral home and added touches of Chinoiserie, blending gracefully with Filipiniana and colonial-style decor, and his vast collection of antiquities, among them artworks from the masters like Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo and Hidalgo.

The Bautista MansionA Maloleño MansionFilipinianaChinoiserieOriginal Fernando Amorsolo Sketch

An original sketch by Fernando Amorsolo from his younger days as artist.

Touches of ChinoiserieMemorabiliaVerandahGramophoneDEZ with FVR

Dez Bautista founded the Production Designers Guild of the Philippines (PDGP). He is also a food historian and a professor.

Remembering History

An original Juan Luna sketch hangs on the wall. The Ilocano in me got wild a little inside:)

Original Juan Luna SketchColonial CeilingEmpanada de KaliskisHamon BulakeñaHeritage Bulacan Dishes

The most bracing atsara (atchara) ever! Made with dampalit, indigenous to Bulacan, usually found in fish ponds. Awesome with Dez’s yummy sweet and saltish Hamon Bulakeña!

Meeting Dez Bautista

My brief convesation with Dez Bautista

Do you cook yourself?

I tell my cusinera… I direct.

How would you describe Filipino food in 3 words?

Varied, original, fresh. When I say fresh, it needs to be cooked agad.

If you were gone tomorrow, what would you have for dinner?

We’re having crabs tonight. Whatever comes.

VintageTime Stands Still

Thanking the FoodPrints hookup for making this post possible. Did you watch FoodPrints on the Lifestyle Network last night? How was it? Make it a habit every Saturday, 8:30 PM.

Photographed by Melanie de Leon and Blauearth
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Finally, Bulacan!

Off to Bulacan

Hello, everyone! I thought I’d be hibernating from all the excessive pork in my first food adventure outside of Ilocos with FoodPrints, on tour exploring, and about to share their food finds. I first met the show’s host, kind and super kalog Chef Sandy Daza, and the welcoming key people of Lifestyle Network, Red Balloon and The Cinematic Studio in Laoag while they were filming the first two episodes of the food show, set to air on the Lifestyle Network this coming Sept. 21, 8:30 PM (not Sept. 7, folks, like I earlier wrote).

Pastillas de Leche

It was almost flooded in Ilocos and thank heavens the rains stopped before I left for the south, As a blogger, it’s been a dream of mine to explore Bulacan’s sweet gastronomy. Little did I know that there’s a whole lot more provocative than (my fave) fresh and tostado pastillas de leche. Well, I found out there are many varieties of pastillas and guess what? I also got to meet the original pastillas pabalat artist, CCP awardee Mrs. Luz Ocampo, and her daughter, who’s happy continuing her mother’s kind of intricate art. The Bulacan outing was so full of surprises! A real pig out! I can’t wait to write about the food and all the people behind the interesting finds. I also have two Bulacan heritage recipes for you. For now, the post is all about my personal account. A selfie post. Actually.


Getting to Bulacan from Laoag by bus was an adventure on its own. 5 transfers with a trolley and a heavy backpack and no celfone to Nory’s Restaurant in Sulucan from Marilao via tricycle was worth all the beady sweat as it turned out. Thanks to the very helpful manong tricycle driver who assisted me all throughout until I saw Ms. Jennie Celdran, FoodPrints co-producer, hop out of Nory’s. I owe all my fruitful 5-day Bulacan experience to Jennie for inviting me. Not to forget Mr. Sandy Daza and the FoodPrints crew for wanting me around. It’s a most cherished experience.

FoodPrints creaw and Sandy DazaAgatha Resort, Guiguinto, Bulacan

At Agatha Resort in Guiguinto where FoodPrints was based.

Chef Sandy Daza eating Monloi chicharonSandy Daza eats tahoMatching Wellies

Ready for the wet shoot in Panasahan Fishport and Pamarawan Island: Iggy Bilbao and director Cris Sevilla-Bilbao in matching wellies.

DICAPackBoat Ride to Pamarawan Island, Malolos, BulacanHolenSidecar na hindi sidecarBahaBancaPicture 276-02Chef Sandy Daza

Sandy Daza is also the chef behind Wooden Spoon along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City. His new Rockwell restaurant just opened. I heard from Doc Glory Caluya, they serve real appetizing food!

River VillagePanasahan FishportSt. Augustine Church, Baliwag, Bulacan

St. Augustine Church in Baliwag, Bulacan.

Breakfast at the Reyes ancestral home

A guest in the Bulacan episode, food columnist and blogger Margaux Salcedo prepared a lovely homecooked traditional breakfast for FoodPrints. I will write a separate post soon. In behalf of the group, thanking Margaux for the pleasurable spread!

Over hot tsokolate FilipinoMeeting foodie writer/blogger Margaux Salcedo1877 Bautista Mansion, Pariancillo St. Malolos, Bulacan

Throwback 1877: The Bautista Mansion on Pariancillo St. in the kamestisuhan of Bulacan. The resident of the heritage house is no other than Dez Bautista, a food historian, a professior and a production designer. I asked him a few questions, so that will be another story.

with food historian/set designer Dez BautistaHamon Bulakenya and Atcharang DampalitRoly Marcelino and and Jhem de Jesus

Roly Marcelino and Jhem de Jesus of the Malolos Tourism Office usherd FoodPrints from start to finish. (Thanks so much, loves!)

Bistro Maloleño

Just in case we would not be able to get near the Barasoain Church.

Barasoin Church

But we did!

Barasoain Church, Malolos, BulacanBarasoian Church, Malolos, BulacanBulacan Food Adventure

Til the next post. Miss writing really!

Photographed by Pen Mulingbayan, Melanie de Leon and Blauearth
© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013