Lachi’s Sans Rival, atbp. when in Davao

Sans Rival

“Back to reality,” someone from the FoodPrints team said as we were walking down the plane at the NAIA Terminal 3. I told myself to avoid the dinner table for a while. The more I don’t see live food, the more I crave for all the food that I photographed and we attacked in Davao.

Lachi's Davao

Lachi’s in Davao City is known for its literally unrivaled Sans Rival cake. You’ll love it that it’s not overtly sweet, yet still loaded with devilish buttery frosting alternating with extrafresh crunchy layers. The whole time we were there, the place was packed. I checked what the locals were eating. Cake and Ulam.

Laing Pasta with Cholesterol

Plain laing as it is at Lachi’s was unforgettable. But for those who are courageous enough to try something different such as laing pasta, they have this laing sundae with lechon kawali as the cherry on top that looks deadly good (like my friend commented when he saw the pic on my FB timeline just awhile back)

Lachi's Ulam

The Chinese red pork belly (upper right in photo above) haunts me in my dreams. It has this character that’s unique on the palate.

Of course, don’t leave Lachi’s without trying the durian cheesecake. Yum! It’s the wonder cheesecake, go figure.

Durian CheesecakeLachi's BrothersTwin Mike and Melvin Aviles. Their mom in photo below.

Lachi'sFood for the GodsLachi's DavaoChiilerBittersweet OverloadYummy Chocolate PieAlexa would be torn to see their bitterweet overload and yummy chocolate pie.

Don’t fail to catch Chef Sandy Daza’s take on Davao eats on FoodPrints on the Lifestyle Network, Channel 52 on Sky Cable. Season 2 is premiering this Sunday, 8:30 pm.

Lachi’s Sans Rival, Atbp. Door 1-H Values School Building, Ruby Street, Marfori Heights Subdivision, Davao City Tel No.: (082) 224 5552 11 am-8 pm

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

Nikko’s OMG! Cakes


I don’t know what’s more porn than these?

Black and White Irish Cream CupcakesTriple Chocolate Pound CakeCherry Macaroon BarsChocolate Whiskey Pecan PieCherry Topped Chocolate TassiesRed Velvet Crinkle CookiesChocolate Macadamia Cheesecake BarsCaramel Apple CheesecakeCherry Swirl BrowniesCarrot Cake with Coconut Cream FrostingSalted Almond Brownies

Every single cake was baked by my younger sister, Veronica aka Nikko.

Mickey Mouse, 1988

Me and her during younger years.

Cotton Candy

My little sister was and is still the best navigator/tour guide/host/shopping-eating buddy in the whole of SoCal. While studying to be a nurse at USC, she brought me to a Green Day concert and some ska gigs and got me hooked on Fatburgers and slush from a Chinese restaurant in Monterey. On my last visit in LA, in between shifts as a nurse supervisor at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, she’d pick me up for a classy dinner at some chichi resto in the Beverly Hills area. I guess she’s mellowed with age. I haven’t seen her in her most creative such as now.  I’m dying to dip my fingers into her dangerous cakes.

Nikko, my other food genius sister,  now. Of course the other one is my older sister Veronica aka Fanny.


Cake photos grabbed from Nikko
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