New in Laoag: Saramsam Nuevo (The New Saramsam)

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Saramsan Ylocano Restaurant on Rizal Street closes, Saramsam Nuevo in Balay da Blas opens; and we’re all loving the place! Such a tastefully  decorated 2-story affair. global eclectic like what my new friend Giselle describes it. All the brainchild of owner Sammy Blas, who has got that design gene. Saramsam Nuevo is in the new wing of Balay da Blas. It took Sam a year to complete the restaurant.

There are new additions to the old menu that we love like the refreshing pasta primavera with zucchini. Heavenly with indigenous bugguong!  The fresh take on poque-poque, meant to be mixed with herby Dijon mustard and rolled in lettuce leaf, is dang good! As usual, the assorted pizzetas are saliva-inducing.

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To be among his enviable vintage collection through the years is not in any way eerie. The subtle lighting and let-me-sink-in music add an air of contemporary sophistication.  It’s my current favorite chill place in Laoag,

Saramsan Nuevo at Balay da BlasSmoked Salmon on ToastsAssorted PizzetasPinakbet Pizzeta

Let your taste buds come alive with pinakbet pizzeta with Ilocano bugguong and chili oil.

Poque-Poque with Herby Dijon MustardPasta Primavera (with Zucchini)Picture 220

The inkalti (Ilocano fondue) that Saramsam repopularized,

Saramsam Nuevo Diners

Chanced upon this group from the Phiilippine Business Bank in Laoag.

StaircaseSaramsam NuevoSaramsam NuevoSaramsam Nuevo

So please tell your friends the wonderful news! Saramsam Nuevo is now in Balay da Blas. It is one among the features in FoodPrints, debuting on the Lifestyle Network on September 7, 8:30 PM.

Saramsam Nuevo #10 Giron St. Brgy. 7-B Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

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