Di Pay Pinagdapil


Pasencia, awan pay basi ken suka diay Bacsil!

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Captured a glimpse of pallot (sabong or cockfight), the world’s oldest spectator sport that has penetrated the Filipino culture since before the arrival of Magellan on Philippine shores. A sport so combative that owners condition roosters to be frightening battlers, much to the dismay of animal rights advocates.

It is a known fact that breeding gamecocks requires big investment, pretty lucrative to many Filipinos, however it can also be a pitfall for careless aficionados.

In the Philippines, cockfights are legal. I’ve never been to an actual fight at the cockpit, but betting, I heard, can go up to hundreds of thousands, and pot money prize can go as high as millions.

Like in any other sport, game rigging is possible, according to an insider. Politics may also add more tension as cockfight enthusiasts are usually a mix of high-profile and ordinary people in the community.

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Pamulinawen Festival 2013 Parade of Faces

Lady Pamulinawen

Glamour is back at the recent floral parade of the Pamulinawen Festival. Smiles as bright as the sunshine… modern Filipiniana regalia… gay princesses and fairies… farm animals making merry… adorned miniature landmarks… a vibrant touch of Chinese red to mark the new Year of the Water Snake… just what Laoag needs in 2013!

BandBlowing AwayStripesFacesPamulinawen Festival 2013 Floral ParadeButterfly EffectJollibeeMiss Pamulinawen International 2012

Miss Laoag International 2012 Aiyana Camille “AJ” Mikiewicz

Hand PhoneCabeza Elementary School Floatli'l audienceWhose Feet?Li'l White BootsUnited Laoaguenos HawaiiPintadoBronzed BeautyBeauty in BlackModern Maria ClarasParasolsMiss Pamulinawen Festival 2013 beautyPretty in PinkMay payneta pa siyaFestive Maria ClaraCriminology InternsThe Java Hotel FloatJaynny and GlennLaoag Pamulinawen Festival 2013 Floral ParadeBarangay 27 FloatTagapulot

The tradition of tagapulot-making.

Hap Chan beauties

Gloss… pretty ladies in figure flattering cheongsams.

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