Easy tasty Lenten congee

Our very own lugaw originated from the Chinese rice porridge known as congee. Congee can be enjoyed in many different ways. For Lent, I stocked up on century eggs, canned pickled lettuce, dried fish flakes, seafood, salty fermented tofu and black beans and whatnot.

For the practicing Catholic, you can add more imaginative options to your plain congee.

1. garlic squid 2. chopped young onion leaves 3. dried fish flakes 4. pickled lettuce 5. century eggs 6. salted black beans 7. sautéed mussels 8. Sichuan soya bean curd with sesame oil or soya bean curd in chili sesame oil

Enjoyed as appetizers, the strange looking preserved eggs with green yolks and distinct putrid sulfurous odor date back to the Ming Dynasty. The eggs give congee a wonderful twist. They are available at Chinese delicatessen shops.

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