Triple Date

Batac Longaniza

When spontaneity strikes, this is what we get — celebrating the rains with the men. Feels kinda strange that it happens on a work day, though I find it cute that they decided to spend the sluggish afternoon with the wifeys.

The six-pack goes to Batac for empanadas at Riverside before having another round of hot miki at Malabed’s, a popular miki and longaniza purveyor in barangay Caunayan. The lady says 60 kilos of longaniza go out every single day and are sold out by 4PM. Just look at this chock-full of homegrown garlic to spice up their sausages…

Back home in Laoag, we lingered awhile at Cheesecake, Etc. for coffee and some sisterhood/ brotherhood:)

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On my wish list, Starbucks…

After my initial introduction to this Seattle-based coffee company in Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade in the ’90s, I guess I was one of the first customers of the first Starbucks retail store in upscale Makati one Christmas season more than a decade ago. I liked gourmet coffee in fancy presentations back then. Today, I prefer just a homemade ice-cold latte. When I’m traveling to the big city, I go to Starbucks to take a look at their new novelty mugs and tumblers and their ever-changing menu. I just love their pastas, though they are not there anymore, and their sandwiches, and depending on my mood, Belgian waffles or biscotti, and their teas, especially chamomile which I absolutely adore. For an insomniac like me, chamomile just knocks me down.

I had to have one of those Philippine eagle aka Pithecophaga jefferyi tumblers.

Some old favorites and new concoctions.

Filipinized Spanish Ensaymada.

I tried the refreshing Brambleberry.

Spanish chorizo and cheese on a croissant.

My Italian baked fish fillet and cheese on crusty Italian bread.

Spicy and tangy….

Alexa and her Classic Chocolate Cake.

I got a tin just to have a free Chamomile Latte to go.

When is Starbucks ever coming to Ilocos? We are oh-so ready for you, love!

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Easy Thai Iced Coffee Recipe

I’ve always been a fan of Thai cuisine.  Whenever I had the chance to travel  to a place with a Thai restaurant, on top of my to-do list was to grab a tall authentic Thai iced coffee. But buying it from a restaurant was rather expensive, so I found a way to make it myself. I discovered the recipe 3 years ago through the dude. Cardamom, one of the oldest spices in the world, is what makes the coffee special.

Ingredients (enough for 2 glasses):

  • 1/4 cup ground coffee beans
  • a dash of ground cardamom, or it depends on how strong you like it
  • water
  • 3 tbsps sweetened condensed milk
  • lots of crushed ice

  • Put coffee and cardamom in the filter of your coffee maker. Put enough water then brew.
  • Pour into glasses and stir in sweetened condensed milk.
  • Add crushed ice.

You may alter the measurements to suit your taste.

Enjoy the aromatic cooler! It’s good for the soul.

Photos by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED