Cockhouse celebrates 14th year with the Mocha Girls

Mocha Girls Live in Laoag

Live at the Cockhouse resto and bar in Laoag, the Mocha Girls’ music is anything but lullaby. Mocha, Mae, Franz, Yumi, Chloe, and trainee Georgina are the stars of the party and they can coquet if they want to. For a fact, there’s more than the provocative outfits, they’re like Energizer Bunnies belting and sashaying away, sending the jam-packed house into a rip-roaring good time.

Mocha Uson

Mocha Uson, the leader of the girl group sure has wit to match the spunk.

Mocha Girls Live in LaoagMocha Girls Live in LaoagMocha Girls

Cockhouse turns out the phenomenally longest-running electric energy of all, still packing crowds at 14.

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Catch the Mocha Girls Live in Laoag

Mocha Girls

The ruling sing and dance girl group in the country, Mocha Girls,
perform live at the longest running live music bar in Laoag.
Where else but Cockhouse?
A one-night-only performance on the house’s 14th year anniversary celebration.
January 28, 2013.

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Cockhouse (evenings only)

“”Cockhouse” …more wholesome than it sounds, although not the kind of place where you’d bring your Bible study group,” says Rafe Bartholomew (author of  “Pacific Rims: Beermen Ballin’ in Flip-Flops and the Philippines”) in his blog after he visited Ilocos in December 2006.

Cockhouse is actually a resto bar, with live band entertainment, which attracts foreign and domestic tourists as well as locals who love the nightlife. The owners used to be fighting cock breeders, which explains the rather intriguing name.

Beer is the bestseller as expected. I’m not a beer drinker, though we go to Cockhouse every once in a while to eat kimlo (misua or vermicelli with fresh egg soup) or sizzling mushrooms or cheese sticks. The menu is pretty varied. Besides pulutan (hors d oeuvre) like crispy bagbagis (intestines), they also have tapsilog (rice with beef tapa and egg), lomi (thick noodle soup with fresh egg), pancit guisado (fried noodles), etc.. We sometimes bump into prominent people enjoying a beer or two. Some politicos too. Laoag is so laid-back, and we know how to enjoy what is there. We don’t crave for posh establishments. If a bar imposes entrance fee, I tell you, it’s dead sooner than you think. Ilocanos are known to be kuripot (tightwad) that is why establishments, like the no cover-no dress code Cockhouse have longevity. Not to mention, Cockhouse is the only place with good  girl band entertainment. I think even Aegis has performed there before.

LOL it’s the house that cocks built.

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