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Manila Chinatown 5

As you’ve seen and perhaps read my past features, the Manila Chinatown is both laid-back and vibrant, like yin and yang, like the Chinoy connection itself. Once again I was with the Lifestyle Network’s FoodPrints team for the opening episode of Season 2 this May.  It was not as hectic since I live in the neighborhood.

Details and more BTS will follow soon. Chef Sandy Daza has a new look, by the way. Meanwhile, I had my own little adventures, like I found avocado dirty ice cream and Thai iced tea and a cool shop for Vichy, Biore and La Roche cosmetics!

Manila Chinatown 6

Very reasonably priced Thai icef tea at Mr. Ube along Ongpin. The owners are the Chuas, who’ve been helping put out fire in the urban jungles of Manila and other neighboring cities.

Avocado Dirty Ice CreamAvocado Dirty Ice CreamPhotographerNikki and Cris

Scriptwriter Nikki Alfonso and Director Cris Sevilla-Bilbao in urban street wear.

with Sandy Daza And Jeric Chua

Chef Sandy and a third generation Chua of the Eng Bee Tin and Chuan Kee stores, Jeric Chua.


Chuan Kee’s famous kiampong. Hahah, I bumped into Ilocanos enjoying their authentic Chinese specialties.

Chuan Kee

Northwestern University President Ms. Liza Nicolas and her staff.

Manila Chinatown 12

Isn’t that cute?

Manila Chinatown 9Manila Chinatown 8

Multigrain rice with taro at this store I’m going to feature soon. Sooo goood!

Manila Chinatown 7Manila Chinatown 11King Chef

Ms. Maritess Ang, owner of King Chef, one of the best places to dine out in Chinatown. A yummy place!

Black and White

In black and white, Red Balloon Executive Producer Ms. Jennie Celdran and direk Cris Bilbao.

Bitsu-BitsuManila Chinatown 10

The teaser of the teaser. Street food.  Don’t miss my features on the FoodPrints intial episode on the world’s oldest Chinatown, established in the 1590s.

Avocado Dirty Ice Cream{Hahah! Outfit details: Thrifted shirt, Cotton On pajama shorts, Red Dot studded 2-way tote, Ipanema flip-flops}

Photographed by Nikki, Jeng, Patrick and Blauearth
© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

Welcome to Manila Chinatown!

Here’s the first video I made using original photos from my recent Manila Chinatown photowalk. It’s my first time to create such a project using Windows Movie Maker It took me long hours to compose the whole show, which includes finding beautiful Chinese music for that authentic vibe. I hope you’ll enjoy the dynamic Manila Chinatown scene right in the heart of old Manila.

[BlauEarth takes you to the oldest Chinatown in the world — The Manila Chinatown. The jumping-off point: the Chinese Goodwill Arch. We’ll walk down Ongpin Street, and then enter Masangkay Street and back to Ongpin until we reach Binondo’s most popular landmark — the Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo Ruiz — named after the first Filipino Saint venerated by the Roman Catholic Church. The tour continues into the Golden Cross and concludes in nearby shops, which have been part of the Filipino-Chinese culture that dates back to 1594. A vibrant community in the heart of Manila — not to be missed when you are in the Philippines. Cheap thrills, authentic Chinese cuisine, budget meals, street food, bargain shopping, vintage sights and so much more.]

by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

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