Lolita’s Ham: Ultimate Christmas comfort food

I’d be happy to receive any Chinese-style ham as a gift for Christmas. There are good ones out there like Excellente, Majestic, Adelina’s, etc.. And, of course, with it comes a myriad of wonderful ways to prepare these real hams. But if I’d buy a Christmas ham for the family or to give as a gift, it’s got to be made by Lolita.

Made to order premium cooked Lolita’s Ham is fantastic as it is, from the oven or straight from the fridge Enveloped in a smoked sugar crust, a juicy layer of fat adheres to appealingly pinkish meat, with utterly appetizing sweet and salty flavors — what a real traditional ham should be. It comes with a separate package of well-seasoned syrup for extra oomph.

One medium sized ham costs somewhere between 550 and 650 pesos. We came home with a couple of boxes. I’m storing one for Cheese Whiz and ham pan de sal sandwiches, my nanny’s standard manner of rehashing those jamon leftovers from noche buena.

Lolita’s Ham and Tikoy (Lolita and Grace) 1393 Jose Abad Santos St., Tondo, Manila • Tel. Nos.: (02) 253 5486, (02) 664 2997 • CP Nos.: 0906 664 9284, 0947 437 2454

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2011