Chinese influence

Sausage Chow Pao + Black Gulaman

Have you tried Chow King’s new Chow Paos? I just had a Chinese sausage special today. I wasn’t really happy with mine. I was imagining something between good ol’ cua pao (with ground peanuts and pickled mustard greens) and a modern Momofuku-esque version, but it didn’t come close. The sausage slices looked like imitation Chinese sausage, with the texture of processed sausages, making them unpleasantly odd as opposed to the firmness of authentic chorizo Macau. The CK logo on the mantao (bun) is a cool idea, but the bun’s texture was disappointing as well. I thought I ate some paper and actually turned the sandwich upside down to check if the bottom was lined. Chow King, perhaps, thought of the Tsinoy flavors (present in homegrown dishes like pancit guisado) when they put cabbage and carrots into the recipe. Liked the black gulaman cooler as usual though. In fairness, there’s no denying the fact that I frequent the fast food restaurant for beef wonton noodles, sweet and  sour pork, siopao and halo-halo, so I ‘m hoping they will improve the sausage Chow Pao. The idea of creating affordable sandwich buns is nice, but I guess budget doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality.


A funny coincidence, I was wearing a cheongsaminspired top. I drove to the outer city to look for tawa-tawa, but shot the wrong tawa-tawa, unfortunately:( I got interested in the medicinal plant (also known as gatas-gatas), touted to promote the development of blood platelets in dengue viral infection.

Pink Petals

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