Ways to enjoy Chicharon aka Bagnet

Chicharon, or bagnet (a more popular term for the non-Ilocanos), is a deep-fried pork dish best eaten with KBL (kamatis, bagoong and lasona) or fashionable nowadays, particularly among kids, with Mang Tomas lechon sauce. At 400.00 php/ kilo, chicharon costs an arm and a leg.  There are several ways to stretch the peso though. Mind you, these chicharon dishes are stars in their own right.

Chicharon fried rice is my family’s favorite.  It is cooked just like any basic fried rice, but with more  soy sauce. KBL is optional. Clear broth, like fish ball soup, is a must to complete the meal.

Balatong (mongo), camatis, parya (bittermelon) ken chicharon a ingisa. Utong, in lieu of balatong, is equally yummy.

Pinakbet with chicharon. Others call it Bagbet. Here’s a recipe.

Chicharon is also an excellent topping for pancit and miki, and an important ingredient to bring out the fine exotic flavor of young garlic bulbs when cooked pakbet style. Dinardaraan (chocolate meat) becomes all the more interesting when chicharon bits are mixed in.

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