In Memory of Former Laoag Mayor Cesar A. Ventura

Ventura Highway Cruisin'

A few days ago, Ava Ventura, daughter of Cesar Ventura, left a comment in this old post. Though Ana Ventura-Remigio is a FB friend, I think I’ve never met her sister Ava. In my lifetime, I’ve talked to their dad only once, at a kids’ school program when he was still mayor. The former mayor of Laoag City left to be with his creator today.


Before sand adventure in Ilocos (La Paz, Laoag, to be exact) became a big hit, the dirt road leading to the Devil’s Drop, where most of the action takes place, had a sign that read Ventura Highway (check out the old post for the street sign post). This year, the road built by the late Cesar Ventura has already been improved to the tune of millions, but the beat-up Ventura Highway sign was never replaced.

When I was researching for the old post, I couldn’t find any article connecting to the Ventura project. I followed my instincts.  Why is it so hard for other people to give credit where credit is due?

Ventura Highway

Times may change, but history can never be altered. To many of us who have regarded La Paz as our weekend home, the legacy of the late former mayor Cesar Ventura remains.

Thank you, sir, for your vision of the La Paz Sand Dunes.

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Ventura Highway

Not America’s song, folks, Ventura Highway is the road to the dunes, the famed sand dunes of Barangay La Paz, Laoag. Cesar A. Ventura built the road during his term as mayor of Laoag  back in the early ’90s. I still have to ask him if he was inspired by the country tune to blaze a trail in the middle of nowhere. The sentiment — “Chewing on a piece of grass, walking down the road… Ventura Highway in the sunshine, Where the days are longer, The nights are stronger than moonshine… Cause the free wind is blowin’ through your hair… Alligator lizards in the air, in the air” — echoes the mood of the road.


Former mayor Cesar Ventura’s legacy affords convenient passage through the surreal desert for one and all. I heard a sizeable amount of his personal money went to the construction of the road. Truly grateful.

Hello, can someone from the Laoag City government please fix the Ventura Highway sign?

Boys will be boys.

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