Cantonese Dim Sum at King Chef

Steamed Rice and Chicken and Sausage Topping

Dim sum is said to be originally Cantonese. Cooks from the province of Guangdong are run-after for their traditional Cantonese cooking. At King Chef, 3-5PM is the best time to enjoy cha (tea) and a filling of your most favorite dim sum fare. Why? Dim sum is half off! On normal hours, every little bamboo basket would be anything but cheap.

King Chef 2

The King Chef at Lucky Chinatown is huge, the feel very Chinese, the contemporary interior design reminiscent of big tea houses abroad.

The menu is extensive. Beyond the dim sum we had, I was most happy with the steamed rice and topping. The juices of Chinese sausage combined with chicken and notes of herbs and subtle spices enveloped the fragrant, very warm long grain rice. So ambrosial (especially when it’s the first meal of the day)! In fact, I wanted to sample all the other steamed  rice variations  (however, not included in the dim sum promo). Imagine rice cooked in salmon juices!

Their fatter pot stickers like kuchay (chives) and hakaw  (shrimp) were essentially ticklish, the seasonings were light yet so finely balanced.

King Chef 4King ChefKing Chef menuSeafood CrystalDumplingsHakaw and Kuchay DumplingsKing Chef 3Radish Cake

However, I didn’t quite like their version of the radish cake. Perhaps ‘coz I’m so used to the unscorched type with lots of hebi (hibi/hibe/dried shrimps).

I think King Chef has other branches like the one on Banawe St. in Quezon City.


It’s past 3PM… am missing Manila!

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