Brunch at Trois Familia


My sister asked me to meet her for brunch at Trois Familia on Sunset. I didn’t have to google the place for Sunset has become my park. It stands on an unpresuming strip mall. The long line especially on Sunday mornings hinted good food. But it actually took me more walks before realizing it’s an eatery; at one point I thought it was some clinic, forgive me.

I finally get to dissect Trois Familia. It opened only in October. Trois comes from its three chefs Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo (the last two ring a bell ‘coz I also always pass by a full-packed Jon & Vinny’s, on Fairfax, a street that has also become so familiar to me). I learn there’s also a Trois Mec and a Petit Trois on Highland. And Familia is (probably) the apt second name for what it’s all about — a homey space, communal tables and French Mexican fusion brunch and lunch only. I admire the use of enamelware, something that conjures a provincial vibe similar to that of tacos and churros.

Crispy hash brown chilaquiles with sunny-side up egg, cotija and salsa macho

My sister ordered a hash brown chilaquiles with a cotija-sprinkled sunny sideup and lively salsa macho that gives just enough kick. It opened up the palate for more — a galette crepe infused with chorizo and topped with a nice runny egg and avocado milk, and a churro French toast with a scoop of Salt & Straw vanilla ice cream and lots of cinnamon. I liked every dish, flavorful but not heavy.

Galette CrepeChurro French Toast with Salt & Straw Vanilla Ice Cream and Mexican Chocolate

The menu is eclectic with duck confit, beet tartare tostada, chicken Milanesa, nachos, poached egg omelette sandwich, tres leches birthday cake, etc.

It’s in Silver Lake and the space is not too big, and no reservations here, so you have to go early.

See you on Sunset!

Trois Familia
3510 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 725-7800
Open 10am-3pm

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Magnolia Bakery



something that incites to action or exertion or quickens action, feeling, thought, etc.

Magnolia Bakery on 3rd Street, Los Angeles

If you’re from the fandom of Sex and the City, in most likelihood, you had salivated at the sight of the heavily frosted cupcakes that put Carrie and Miranda in the shade. The home of those picture-perfect cupcakes is Magnolia Bakery, New York. From then on, a whole new global cupcake craze was spawned.


Fast forward to Magnolia Bakery, Los Angeles. As crisp as the recollection of the celebrated NYC cupcakes, the still-life garden of sweets begged to be photographed. Dainty swirls of pastel icing floated against the periphery of desaturated monochromes.

Magnolia BakeryMagnolia BakeryHeaven on a TableMagnolia BakeryDSC_1364Magnolia Bakery CupcakesMagnolia Bakery vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream frostingMagnolia Bakery Cupcake

Picked a vanilla cupcake with their signature delicate green vanilla buttercream frosting. Because I’ve had way too many Magnolia cupcake wannabes before the real thing, I could no longer tell what sets a Magnolia Bakery cupcake apart. But I can say — the size was neither big nor small, the frosting was pleasurably not too-too sweet, and the texture was not dense, more like homey in a delightful way.

Asked suggestions from the cashier. Btw, service was warm and nice. Was happy with my almost like tart but not overly sweet lemon square. The size is a little too big if you’re trying to sample more goodies from the bakery.

Cupcake and Lemon SquareMagnolia Bakery Banana Pudding

And the best part of the Magnolia Bakery experience, yes, I had room for one more of their winning creations — surprise, their banana pudding! It is a creamy banana dessert made with very thick whipped cream and segments of wafer cookies. Believe the staff when they say the banana pudding is a hot seller.

Like Belinda Carlisle’s song, heaven is a place on earth. In my case, it is a walk away. Check out the next post.

Magnolia Bakery
8389 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 951-0636

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Far East Plaza: Local LA food under one roof

Far East Plaza, Los Angeles Chinatown

This is the Far East Plaza in the Los Angeles Chinatown I mentioned in an earlier post. It’s a mall on Broadway Street with stores specializing in ethnic goods, ranging from jade jewelry to Chinese herbs. Today, the building is best known as a destination for gastronomic adventure. Pok Pok Phat Thai, Roi Choi’s Chego, Ramen Champ and Scoops lend a more modern air to a generally traditional Asian cuisine. Heard Howlin’ Ray’s Nashville-style hot chicken is soon joining the scene next month.

Far East Plaza20160105_134011-1-1

My mom’s personal favorites at Far East Plaza are Fortune Gourmet Kitchen for budget-friendly, awesome Chinese food, and the unassuming Thien Houng Vietnamese Restaurant.

Took photos of the little family-run banh mi and pho eatery with my phone while eating at a table outside.

Thien Houng Restaurant, Los Angeles

Mom and I make it a point to have pho and fresh spring rolls, with iced Vietnamese coffee, here. Prices are very affordable like the smallest pho (which is still big for me) costs $5.50. We tried the Vietnamese version of popular Filipino street food kikiam and fishballs. The red Vietnamese balls in the photo below are barbecued pork and so delicious with chili paste made even hotter with Sriracha. They sell native delicacies as well, and we always bring home banh bo nuong, also known as honeycomb cake, made of tapioca flour and pandan extract. The texture is so much like the rice version of puto.

Banh Bo NuongVietnamese Street FoodThien Houng Banh Mi

A banh mi is something I’ll try when we go back again.

It’s also always a pleasure to go shopping at the nearby Far East Center across the building. Must-buys are white coffee, dried Chinese ingredients, preserved roots and all the Chinese tea for brewing.

A happy weekend everyone!

Vietnamese Food To GoBánh ít lá gai20160116_154937pho and spring rollsVietnamese Coffee
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