The Portabaga Falls Park and Resort


From Balaoi, Pagudpud, we went farther north to visit Portabaga Falls in the charming, verdant little town of Sta. Praxedes, the first town of Cagayan if you are entering from Ilocos Norte. It’s May weather hot all over. Caught Mayor Esther Aguinaldo before the huge TV, awaiting the fight of the century (as of this writing, we all know what happened next).

Portabaga Falls Park and ResortPortabaga Falls

The water cascading to a mix of adult and kiddie-friendly catch pools is cool, fresh spring water. She explains that the pools are emptied at the end of the day, but the water doesn’t go to waste as it is used to nourish farmlands. Through diligence and support of benefactors, the nature park has prospered with additional facilities, particularly comfortable family, standard and dormitory-type accommodations, a spacious function hall and more shaded areas, and is projected to boost tourism in her town. It’s wonderful to know that trekking to the forested environs is another activity being offered by the local government-managed park and resort.

Here’s a video of the waterfall (taken during cooler months I assume), which I found on the net.

Portabaga spring water poolsSta. Praxedes OTOP

Woven sarakat aka pandan products are the town’s OTOP. Leehua bought herself a chicified bayong. Love it in a mix of summer orange. The town is also a producer of dried gamet (Porphyia.sp) or local nori. A great idea, the Sta. Praxedes Gamet Gatherers and Vendors Association pack them with accompanying indigenous recipes.

The town celebrates the annual Sarakat Festival starting middle of May. Hope to be able to go and explore more of Pagudpud’s neighbor, Sta Praxedes.

SarakatPortabaga Falls Facilities
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Pizza and Pasta with Pinoy Flair at Tuguegarao’s La Luna Grill

La Luna Grill Spaghetti

I love to hang out with locals because it is through them that you learn the ins and outs of a place. Choose well your local guide (there are always signs of a true foodista, hahah), go out with them and eat with them.

And so we had another beautiful merienda in Tuguegarao.

La Luna Grill

La Luna Grill has so much to offer — it’s a cafe and bistro and the larger space transforms into a KTV and live entertainment place by night. I enjoyed the afternoon ambiance. It’s the only place of its kind in Tuguegarao, says our two pretty guides.

Pasta and pizza were good. I should say the style is homey, like your mom cooked for you. The spaghetti brings to mind the spaghetti Manileña that has influenced the Pinoy taste for spaghetti. La Luna Grill’s twist was the Parmesan and pesto toasts. Pizza crust has so much to do with an overall pizza experience. Theirs was on the crunchy side.

La Luna Grill PizzaLa Luna Grill PizzaLa Luna GrillLa Luna Grill

La Luna Grill North Diversion Rd., San Gabriel, Tuguegarao, Cagayan Tel. Nos.: 0783041384 / 0788440438 Open Daily 10 AM -2 PM

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