C & E Pastillas de Quezo

C & E Pizza Pasta, famous in Ilocos for pizza and pasta dishes with exciting Filipino flavor, makes the most delectable fresh yema balls. These soft sugar rolled bonbons are just divine. If you love the yellow filling of Brazo de Mercedes, I’m sure you will love C & E’s creation, just as well.

Their tamarind candy and butter polvoron are also delightful.

Update: You may be wondering about the title. Initially, I knew it was yema, but when I went to C & E that day (I blogged about it) and saw the tag , I asked if the yema was renamed to pastillas de quezo and the girl at the counter said, “Pareho lang sila.” Kaya pala I was wondering why I didn’t taste any cheese, or I thought it was subtle. Anyway, when I went to their branch at Rob IN, they had yema and they also had pastillas de quezo. I bought both and I like their yema more.

C & E Pizza Pasta Main Store 29 P. Gomez St. (077) 772-1531
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