Davao’s Tiny Kitchen is packed with love

Tiny Kitchen Collage

Did you watch Chef Sandy Daza’s Binondo FoodPrints last night? Reny, Alexa and I were like hungry kids awaiting our favorite eats from Chinatown. It was a mouthwatering premiere episode of the new season! It felt different just watching. Alex couldn’t help it, she brought out a plateful of Bee Tin ma pa (pork jerky) from Eugene and Brandon’s stash without them knowing.

Tiny Kitchen

Back to FoodPrints BTS, one of the highlights of the recent Davao food trip with Chef Sandy Daza and the team was the Tiny Kitchen experience with the Rodriguez family. Vincent does the marketing and cooking while wife Donna bakes the cakes. Their three cuties are the aprrentices. Adorable 10 year-old Anna is the very efficient cashier (when she’s not in school), according to mom and dad.

A constant stream of Davaoeños and tourists enjoy the paellas and other family-style grub from authentic Catalan recipes. The menu, consisting of comidas, sopas, salads, sandwiches and an array of beautiful Dulce Vida cakes and breads, potentially corrupt the mind. Servings are generous. You’d wish for a bigger pouch to fill in with memories by the mouthful.

The Rodriguez ChildrenPaella NegraPaella with Duck

We had two kinds of paellas, one was fideau negra with mixed seafood and cooked in lavish squid ink, and the other one was saffron-flavored and topped with soft, tasty duck. Paella-style angel hair pasta was also served

Paella Marinara  PastaBalbacuaMy initial encounter with Spanish-influenced balbacua of the Sothern Philippines.

Picture 511Donna’s frozen chocolate brazo de Mercedes was among the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s 25 Best Desserts of 2010. (Btw, I’ve tried at least two others from the list. The durian cheesecake by Melvin Aviles of Lachi’s, another Davao City cakeshop, here,  and the chocolate cake, from an old-fashioned UP recipe, by Chef Nic Rodriguez of Candon, Ilocos Sur, here.)

Frozen Mango Brazo

I’m not too fond of chocolate mixed with anything else.My pick, the frozen mango sans rival! It is like a subtle Filipino mango ice cream sandwiched in brazo yumminess. The moist carrot cake with perfect fresh buttercream frosting was likewise remarkable.

Frozen BrazoTiny KitchenVincent welcomes DoT Asec Art Boncato Jr and FoodPrints Excutive Producer Jennie Celdran.

Picture 525Bebidas

We went in for a second round! There was also a third:)

A Sweet LifeCake!SaucersTiny Kitchen CakesChocolate Crinkles

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Tiny Kitchen Torres St., Davao Tel. No.: 082) 305 9232

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Si Agimat, Si Enteng at Mi Lente

Bong Revilla

I had to be in a meeting at the Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel last night. The place was pretty busy. Only then did I find out that actor Vic Sotto and senator/actor Bong Revilla are in Ilocos Norte to shoot “Si Agimat, Si Enteng at Ako”, an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival due for release on Christmas Day.

Looking at the big league actors through my lens was fun and at the same time kalerkey (baka ma-okray me, not too confident anymore after a traumatizing incident). These two men are pretty lovable. The senator is a natural charmer. Bossing (hahah, naki-bossing  na rin, promise) is ma-tsika, nag-dyo-joke and he seems like a stern-but-approachable boss, hahah, mata ang powers ni Kabisote… such gorgeous eyes.

Judy Ann Santos plays the role of Ako.

Director Tony Reyes was tolerant of me. Thank you, sir! I accidentally dialed the wrong camera setting, so my cam flashed big time while the movie cam was rolling, jeez, major embarrassment!

Vic SottoSi Enteng, Si Agimat and Me film setIlocano bit players

Took a photo of the Ilocano bit players. They are fondly referred to as Lili’s angels. Hello, Lili Palafox!

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