13th Breaking Away MTB Downhill Challenge

Bike Jump Shots

Barangay Lagui-Sail (on the eastern side of Laoag) was transformed into a bike park by the City Government of Laoag and the City Hall Bikers (CHB) for a downhill challenge. The race was participated in by local bikers, bikers from neighboring provinces and Metro Manila.

CHB Officials

CHB is a veteran in bike races in the province of Ilocos Norte. Leaders in their own right, President Ellis Corpuz, race director Diomy Gayban, Franz Felipe, and Poco Aurelio have been working so hard for community participation, particularly sporting activities such as mountain biking. Congrats and keep it up, guys!

UntitledDownhillRiding in tandem father and sonThe Farrs in a rare moment.

Bike JumpUntitledShowCHB Breaking Away Downhill Challenge Expert CategoryPinkThis guy Robert Burgos, in JS prom mode, steals the show.

Straight from the promKakaibaJS guy wins the novice categoryHe also rides his bike to receive his trophy for winning the novice category. He says his choice of outfit is all about aerodynamics.

CamerasPicture 1076Brandon wins the CHB Breaking Away Downhill Challenge Junior Category

Brandon says he didn’t expect to win the junior category. The running joke at home — he was rushing to unload. He’s been having a not-so-bad case of diarrhea the past 3 days. I guess his recent training from Coaches Bans Mendoza, Arjuna Saulo and Athena Mendoza has helped him build confidence. Personally, I’d like to thank Jack and Edzel for always taking care of Bran.

Father and SonLaoaguenosTop 3Levin de la Cruz, 3rd placer in the junior category.

UntitledUntitledGian and Bran with Jeric Farr, champion of the expert category.

UntitledUntitledWith Lester Lebumfacil of Baguio.

Batibols BikersBatibolsThe Batibols Family

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Siwawer Vintar 4×4 Challenge on its 10th Year


766 photos in a day! I’m more exhausted than any of the off-road competitors. Posting some photos before I finish the hard action for the next post. I hope you are enjoying the last days of 2013, everyone!

ConcreteGoProBoyet Leano

Meet the man to beat… Boyet Leano, the non off-roader who happens to be the godfather of 4×4 races in the entire Ilocandia, years before off-road competitions became mainstream in Ilocos Norte.

This year, riders from Pampanga joined the Vintar races.

Ice Cream ans Videoke RentalMenIce CreamTireDayo from PampangaPicture 423

Congressman Rudy Fariñas and his children were physically present to give morale builder for youngest son, Junior, who did great in his first short course 4×4 challenge.

Junior FariñasIlocos Norte Off-Roaders

Ilocos Norte off-road riders, Junior Fariñas, Brandon Tan, Jezley Abadilla and Totsie Leaño.

WinchCrowdNot a group selfieScrambleChocolate SyrupIce CrumbleSky BlueMotionSky HighDayo from Pampanga 2Quail EggsWalking Sari-Sari StoreShy BoySwitch OnUntitledSidecar
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About the Things I Love by Brandon

My son Brandon showed this to me. He says on the first day of school this year, he was tasked to speak about gender equality. He failed with a “believable” score of 50 something out of 100.  At his speaking test last week, he finally got the nod of his teacher.

“I love my life. There is nothing I can ask for. I do everything with life and passion. I ride my bike like there is no tomorrow, I mingle with my love ones like time is gonna run out and no one can ever change that. I don’t really know what I love doing ‘coz it’s my nature to do everything, to always try something new, but I know that if my family supports me on something, a love is created within me and that thing because I am happy that way, I am happy pleasing other people. I realized that you feel love when you’re happy.”

Picture 146

I’d love to share with you special moments with Brandon. He is a “special child”. He started driving at 2. He started competing against professional off-roaders at 9. At one race he competed in, he handled his 4×4 jeep with one hand ‘coz his left arm was in a cast. He’s left-handed, by the way. Aside from his passion at the wheel, he got a 99 grade in Math in grade one. He was able to enter the Science Class at the Ilocos Norte National High School as a scholar. When he was younger, he wanted to be a pilot. After a year, he wanted to take up Robotics. Only recently, he wants to be a mechanical engineer. I don’t know how he is able to shape a life that is seemingly bursting with animation. And I don’t know he writes good stuff that inspires. I am inspired.

https://blauearth.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/bantay-bell-tower.jpgBrandonBrandon 2Brandon 3Brandon 4
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