Tom Cruise remembers Laoag City

Scenes from Born on the Fourth of July shot at the Ilocos sand dunes.

Born on the Fourth of July won Oliver Stone an Academy Award for Best-Director in 1990.

Excerpts from Los Angeles-based Manila journalist Janet Susan R. Nepales’ interview with Tom Cruise:

“I still remember Laoag City in the Philippines where I had a great time filming Oliver Stone’s ‘Born on the Fourth of July,’” Tom Cruise said with a big smile when we recently interviewed him in New York for his new action-comedy movie, “Knight and Day.”

“I would love to go back to the Philippines to do another movie,” the 47-year-old superstar said. “I had wonderful memories working there.” Read the full interview on

My own personal encounter with the Hollywood royalty at the Fort Ilocandia coffee shop is still vivid in my mind.

Born on the Fourth of August (wishing upon a day star…)

Yes, wishes do come true. I’ve watched all of Tom Cruise’s movies… from Taps to Valkyrie. I swooned at the sight of Maverick in Top Gun a thousand times… and rock climbed with Ethan Hunt in MI2 until Thandie Newton spoiled the fun.

Would you believe… it is on the same desert that Tom was standing on while filming Born on the Fourth of July?

Yes, I saw him in person at Fort Ilocandia, where he and Mimi Rogers were billeted. He was eating his dinner at the coffee shop. I spotted him and went straight to him and asked for an autograph… quite rude of me, but who cares. A true gentleman, he asked to finish his dinner first. Sure. Then he came to where we were seated…. A WISH CAME TRUE.

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