Share Tea one drink a day challenge: Nagoya pearl milk tea

Nagoya Pearl Milk Tea

My Nagoya pearl milk tea, with 30% sugar level, arrives. The whisper of color is like an indication of its taste. In contrast to the Hokkaido pearl milk tea, which I love, this one’s almost vapid.  Laced with vanilla, it’s nothing more than a generic tasting milk tea. On the other hand, the tapioca balls were consistently nice and chewy. I know it’s a classic, but interestingnesswise, it falls flat, or I may just have been expecting too much.

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Stay, Boba, Stay!

Summer has come and gone, but look what I found… boba drinks in Laoag! They don’t look new, right? They were all the rage several years back,  and just like the rains, they’re here again. Double Bubble has brought them back, and the variety of flavors are just so cool. And what makes them doubly cool — for a minimum of P150 purchase, the store delivers them right to where you are in Laoag, for free.

They have Bubble Tea, Double Bubble Tea, Pearl Milk Tea (in milk tea, caramel,  mango, melon, taro and chocolate flavors), and Shakes (in passion fruit, yoghurt, strawberry milk and fresh mango flavors); they come in two sizes. Prices are very affordable — from P18.22 – P35.47.

For the coffee lovers, they have Iced Coffee (in plain, P49, and with caramel, P53, or chocolate, 57).

I love the taro and milk tea! I hope they are here to stay.


*Thanks to my tweethearts, Jojami and ArianneAstraea for tweeting about Double Bubble on twitter.



Double Bubble #40 P. Gomez St, Brgy. 5, Laoag (Pascual Building) Tel. No. (077) 771-5855
Photo by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED