Hot Bitcho-Bitcho


Bitcho-bitcho, also spelled bicho-bicho, is fried elongated bread dipped in sugar. It might have been introduced by the first Chinese settlers in the country. Here’s the Chinese version at a Chinese fast food restaurant in Manila.

Similar fried bread sticks are called Long Johns in the city of Baguio, where American influence is apparent.

Another local bitso, but they’re balls (also called cascaron or buñuelos, depending on location in Ilocos), is made with sticky rice and dipped in molasses. I’ll blog about the chewy cascaron soon.

This particular bitcho stand caught my attention while gassing up the other day.


The hot bread is perfect with coffee or a bottle of coke.

Photographed by BlauEarth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2015