Pagudpud Day Out

Kingfisher Beach

Before posting a few photos from Samantha’s birthday blowout, here are the last from their heritage tour, as in roots tour, with yours truly, their lone cousin on the Abad side who lives in Norte. I always know where to take them. We love the same things as a matter of fact. Tony, their nephew, liked hanging out with us. In fact, he got super stoked about the Laoag Sand Dunes sand adventure, considers it among his top 10 best experiences in life ever, and I’m stoked as well. Thanks, Tony.

Brought them to my favorite spot in Pagudpud. You can quote me on that — Kingfisher Beach — bliss in seclusion. We had tuna kilawen and the boys were so happy with their double-patty cheeseburgers.

May loved BergBlick’s pancit bihon from their last visit a couple of years ago, so she asked to be taken there again. Check out the last photos, hahah, live a little.

Oh, thanks to Andrew as well!

CoconutThe cutest dog on earth, Toby at Kingfisher.CultureZarah Chua, the manager, in red hoodie, and there’s Jana, Eugene’s kitesurfing instructor.PetsSammyAttitudeTobywith JayMet Jay, a United Airlines pilot and a surfer from Hawaii, so May was like she saw a fellow Hawaiiano.Thomas and JacksonTuna KilawinDouble Patty CheeseburgerPicture 376Kingfisher Kitesurf ShopKiting GearJohnPagudpud's Bergblick Deutsches RestaurantBergblick lunchAt BergBlick. Chef Detlev Cotte’s cooking always satisfies. We had baked pork leg (in beer) and as always, the BergBlick Pan and apple butterscotch cake.Baked Pork LegBergblick PanTeaPancit BihonApple Buttterscotch Cake

Photographed by May Thomas, Samantha Jackson and Blauearth.
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German-Style Crispy Pork Shank at Bergblick

German-Style Crispy Pork Hock

We were in Pagudpud today and we couldn”t leave without eating at Bergblick. Sometimes it’s not just about wonderful food, but the warmth and realness of the people behind a restaurant.

 Crispy Pork Hock

Chef Detlev Cotte always springs new surprises. He suggested baked pork leg which is crisp on the outside and beautifully succulent on the inside, a bit like crispy pata minus the grease, and more like lechon, but sweeter and tastier. This German-style crispy shank is a must-try. I like the meat that sticks to the bone, I ate last:)

His sauerkraut platter, besides the Bergblick pan, is always on our list, but we only had room for a snack. And that snack turned into a big meal. Who can resist strawberries in this sizzling weather?

Sauerkraut PlatterUntitledWaffles with Strawberries

His waffles are so nice, dense, unlike soft cake, with a teeny weeny bit of chewiness to it. He made me a fresh strawberry soda:) Thanks, Bergblick!
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

Homecoming Queen


Happy to share with you photos from last weekend at the beach. Instead of us bringing balikbayan Ericke to places, she gave us her happy place. Lynne made us suman with lots of ladek to enjoy after lunch at Kapuluan Vista Resort. All we did was laugh and relish her presence. Before sunset, we headed south to Bergblick for an early dinner. A day of precious moments.

Eugene and the WaveIn This CornerBrandon on BoardSandy BeigeIn ContrastPagudpud!InstaxKapuluan LunchBanterSun FunH2OEugeneBlue GreenSpacesFuji InstaxGirls of the Same Hair

I just have to be in a photo with Kapuluan Vista Resort’s Alma Oida. Girls of the same hair..

Light LeakBergblick DinnerThai Fish Carpaccio

Thai fish carpaccio at Bergblick. Appetizing! One platter isn’t enough!

SmilesClouds Over CordillerasPaint-Splattered Skies
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013