Written on the sands of Ilocos (Remembering Benny Arce)

The Running ManONE YEAR AGO

Manong Benny was very early for the Reuters shoot with Michaela Cabrera. He was running the sands of Laoag (La Paz), the rock of sandboarding and 4×4 sand dune adventure in the Philippines.  “This will be your chance to let your voices be heard.” I was emotive… he was cool as a cucumber.

The following week, before we even get to watch the NBC News Today video clip, he left the world in his sleep.

Reuters-LEAD Movement shoot in Laoag 3

A couple of multi-awarded and iconic foreign and local movies were filmed at the rambling geological monument. Picturesque, yes! Comfort-wise, it is the most unlikely place you’d spend your summer in. Benny figured out a gameplan to enhance Reny’s brainchild. On a paper, he created the bigger picture, he added the dune buggies (and not one camel), the zorb balls, the zipline, the cafes. A complete research paper.

They say good men die early.

We will forever remember his contribution to Ilocos Tourism.

Benny and RenyBenny Arce

No one will ever replace the late executive director, Manong Benny Arce, in the hearts of the LEAD Movement LEADers. His groove was an antiseptic to an otherwise earthy world.

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Benny Arce’s Footprint in the Sands of Ilocos Norte

Before the rainy season arrived, the LEAD Movement was blessed with the opportunity to tell their humble story of pioneering the Ilocos Norte tourism mainstay in the Philippines — sandboarding and off-roading in the distinct rolling sand dunes of La Paz, Laoag  — via Reuters, the international news provider.

How the LEAD Movement wish Benny Arce left us later, just a little later to watch himself tell the world his dream as a LEADer. Benny Arce passed away in the early hours of May 15. Please watch the video and say a little prayer for the fine guy.

Reuters-LEAD Movement shoot in Laoag

LEAD Movement Executive Direstor Benny Arce said: “It would be nice to be called, the Laoag as the sand boarding capital of the Philippines. And maybe we can’t claim that for the whole world, maybe we could say, one of the best in the world.”

It will be remembered  that Manong Benny Arce worked so hard for a sand adventure park blueprint that was submitted to both the provincial and local governments. After one full term, we never got an answer from the leaders.

I quote young LEADer Ericke Tan, “Tito Benny Arce, your memory lives in every sand board track, every foot print and in every grain of sand in La Paz.”

Our heartfelt thanks to Thompson Reuters television producer Michaela Cabrera and cameraman Pedro Uchi. View this travel news feature on the Laoag La Paz Sand Dunes posted on Today.com.

Reuters-LEAD Movement shoot in Laoag 3Reuters-LEAD Movement shoot in Laoag 2hellow, hello-hellow?Post Reuters shoot 2Picture 218-02With tourist Clai Manangan-AstillaReuters Shoot 3Reuters Shoot 1Reuters Shoot 2Laoag Eco-Adventure Developmet (LEAD) Movement tee

Check out the LEAD Movement (The innovators of sandboarding in the Philippines) website. For sand adventure inquiries and booking, contact Reny Tan 0919-873-5516, 0917-841-5155 Facebook page.

Video via NTD Television on YouTube
Photographed by Sean Arce, Angelo and Blauearth
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