FoodPrints Baguio photo diary


Multifaceted Baguio relaxes as well as stimulates. Foggy mornings and evenings, the peculiar cityscape, the winding eclectic streets, the bustling markets, the myriad of cultures — all these and more make Baguio that picturesque place in our hearts and minds.


Happy to have gone up to Baguio for the FoodPrints shoot for Season 3. The stint was extraordinary. The FoodPrints family grew into a clan — Chef Sandy Daza’s daughter Ali was with the dad, Jennie’s family was complete on the first day, I met new friends like Asunta Rufino, who happens to blog also, and her super smart 5-year old granddaughter, named Una, who takes very good pictures even with my distressed camera. Asunta is the mom of director Cris and cinematographer Iggy Bilbao, so photography must run in their family. As we all know, there are luminaries who are intertwined with the Baguio food scene. So we met many of them, courtesy of Musicgarten artist/art teacher RL. I got starstruck with national artist BenCab. And Kidlat Tahimik, the Father of Filipino Independent Cinema, can be animated in person.

Stay tuned, will post more stories about the FoodPrints Baguio episodes.

Bencab!I had to try the duck flakes of the BenCab Museum’s Cafe Sabel. It has the makings of a comfort food.Cafe Sabel Duck FlakesSandy and AliNot so ordinaryLa Trinidad Strawberry FarmGreensStrawberry Farm wth AsuntaThe beautiful photo is from Asunta.LettuceLa Trinidad StreetCorn Vendor in La TrinidadRiceThe Daily GrindCoffee BeansBaguio StrawberriesLa Presa's StrawberriesStrawberryTwin StrawberriesThe Modern BaguioBatirolThere’s cute Una.JC de VeraBumping into JC de Vera (above) and the Doods (below).EduBaguio FogIHeartBaguioPicture 652TurtleUnaOMG, BaguioPicture 373Vegetarian PancitToday's DessertsOzark Pork ChopPortrait of a bloggerIggyAmareTentBW DotsTunoPicture 247My new blogger friend Asunta.TukaIndigenous Fabric LampLemon MeringueCraft BeerThe only craft beer place north of Manila. Baguio Skyline

Other photos courtesy of Asunta Rufino, Melanie de Leon, Poks Madrid, Jonel and  Francis.
Photographed  by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2015

The Heart of Benguet’s Economy

La Trinidad  Vegetable Market 8

Tossed on to the Filipino chopsuey food culture, the salad bowl known as La Trinidad is a trace of American legacy in Benguet. Surviving the importation of fresh greens, the La Trinidad Vegetable Trading Post remains an interesting destination in the face of gridlock.

La Trinidad  Vegetable Market 7La Trinidad  Vegetable Market 9La Trinidad  Vegetable Market 6La Trinidad  Vegetable Market 3La Trinidad  Vegetable Market 4La Trinidad  Vegetable Market 2La Trinidad  Vegetable Market 12La Trinidad  Vegetable Market 5La Trinidad  Vegetable Market
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014