MLBBs I’m liking now


It’s funny that I’m guilty of painting my lips with pigment, the color of lips. I guess every girl is in constant pursuit of her MLBB (My Lips But Better) lip color.

Right now, there are 2 MLBBs I alternate. Heard about Kylie liquid lipstick in the States, but bought my first tube from a reseller here. Lucky I had the chance to get hold of and choose from very wearable shades. Picked Candy K, I think the most universally flattering nude, reminiscent of the MAC hits of the 90s. Good I didn’t get the kit that goes with a lip liner ‘coz the liquid lipstick is opaque enough to cover beyond the natural lip border. (Check the exact shade in image above.) It lasts longer than any other lipstick I own. I don’t find it drying at all. I also don’t wear a lip primer nor a balm underneath. It’s lightweight like I feel I’m not wearing anything. Love it and planning to get Posie K in the future.


Got the second lipstick from Nordstrom. Tested and liked 34 La Raffinee from the Rouge Allure Velvet line, without realizing it looks so much like MAC Mehr (here), which was reintroduced last year (not sure if they’ve made it a regular).

La Raffinee is a dusty pink, but the color changes depending on the lip liner you are using it with. In photo above, I used MAC Good Timing Pro Longwear lip pencil and it turned mauvey. I like pairing it with MAC Edge to Edge for a more sophisticated MLBB.

The pigmentation is good, lasts a good 5 hours on me. Like the name implies, the velvet texture makes it special


Til my next beauty find.

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The long and short of it

Collage 2

Went to see a stylist ‘coz my hair was at a boring length. Blaming the humid weather for the uberfast growth, plus the heaviness of it all. Just like myself, Popoy (in Vintar) was torn between pixie and Dora, so here’s my new asymmetric do.

When I decided to go longer, I added two hair products to my beauty regimen.

kerastaseshortmania 3lanzamagicbulletkerastaseshortmania 2

My stylist in LA recommended Kerastase Short Mania. It’s a sculpting paste that’s matte, flexible and light, more like a balm in feel. A pea-size amount of this mildly scented thing is enough to lock my style in place. It washes off easily, making it more lovable. The second one, Lanza Magic Bullet Hair Healer, I discovered at Ulta while buying my second box of Garnier Olia color. When you don’t have much time for salon pampering, you might as well protect your mane, especially if you are growing it out. The spray-on color-defending potion shields the hair against more aggression like the sun. It cures kinks in the morning, like when you’re in a rush, but using this religiously is guaranteed to keep your locks less problematic. It is floral scented, kinda intense, so it’s advisable not to wear fragrance if you are into it.

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My new beauty essentials

MAC Lip Arsenal

I super miss sharing wonderful stuff with you, girls. I have a job that requires me to be presentable but restricts me from self-expression. No to color. No to everything I own. Literally and figuratively. So what else is more professional-looking than a nude lipstick? I went to MAC before my on the job training. Happy I chanced upon Colleen, the wonderful, most sincere, eager to please SA/makeup artist at the MAC Glendale Galleria. She gave me a mini makeover and it would’ve have been okay with her even if I didn’t buy any of the items she tried on me. “I’m not here to sell.” I really felt it. I’ve tried shopping at a bigger makeup haven and they gave me a wrong shade of MAC foundation. Colleen knew my shade as soon as she saw me. We went two shades darker (NC 40 from NC 30 and 35 to be exact) and it’s the best thing I’ve done to my makeup routine. After correcting my foundation and powder mistakes, I asked for a lip color that has a bit of color but not boring.

MAC Mehr

I liked Mehr when she swatched it on her hand. The blue undertone of this pink nude added a kind of sophistication. I stay away from muddy nudes. Mehr looks mauvey, kinda ashy from the tube, but against the skin, it’s a beautiful shade of healthy lips. It goes well with practically everything I needed to wear for the new job. The Edge to Edge lip pencil, which looked almost like Mehr, was intended to cut down on slips especially if I’m left with only 5 minutes to look good.

Wearing Mehr in photo below.

UntitledMAC Prep+PrimeMAC Lip Primer

The Prep+Prime I didn’t buy from her, bought it later from another MAC store. This product is actually so versatile it’s already a mainstay in my beauty arsenal. I’m not a fan of lip balms even when I really need them. I prefer exfoliating my lips with things like sugar or dabbing on Dior Addict Lip Glow when I’m not wearing lipstick. Prep+Prime keeps lipstick from bleeding and I noticed it plumps to a nice extent.

Japonesque brushes for Christmas

Last Christmas, I got three sets of makeup brushes from my younger sister Nikko. They are Japonesque brushes and each set is special, and perfect for the girl on the go. The tiny lipstick-size tube contains essential brushes for eye makeup, while the bigger tube has a foundation brush, a powder brush, a lip brush and 2 eye shadow brushes, just so valuable for traveling or touchups during the day. The most kikay, for flaunting your wild side under the kagalang-galang persona, hahah, is the Safari Chic set. The brushes are soft to the skin, but I still have to rate them.

Wallet Size

The three Japonesque brush sets fit into my wallet at least. Take your pick.

Japonesque Makeup BrushesJaponesque Safari Chic Brush SetJaponesque Touch Up TubeDSC_1206DSC_1203DSC_1199Neutrogena Makeup Remover and Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes

And here’s one of the things I got from the care box my older sister, Fanny, sent all the way from Florida — Neutrogena makeup remover that is so useful and kind to my ultrasensitive skin, not to mention it has banished my bad habit of going to sleep with makeup on. I love the way my skin feels so soft and fresh in the morning after night cleansing with these efficient grime remover. I bought the pink grapefruit oil-free ones because they were on sale. Saved about 6 dollars.

I hope to show you a sample of my work clothes next time. Promise not scrubs. In America, scrubs are too glamorous. They are as green as dollars. Bye for now!

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2016