Tote Talk

Handmade Bead Tote

I was  having a relaxing pedi at a salon until my peace was disrupted  by  a woman and this tote. The girls were raving about her handmade beaded purse. She volunteered to show me the satin-lined interior of the purse. Fine quality craftsmanship, gorgeous indeed. . What impressed me equally is the fact that it was made by a mother among a group of hobbyist mothers in Vintar.

Always in need of a story to share, in no time, I went with her  to Vintar to see Myla Tee Sy, a mother and a retired nurse. Myla shares that through her new-found hobby, she discovered she had a creative side. She designs her bags and makes them when she’s not busy with mommy chores. She’s so into the hobby that she has turned it into a  business. She mentions that she likes her bags to stand out, so she makes sure that she strings the beads durable enough to make the bag last, updates her designs and tries not to copy, but she’s also willing to make a customer’s request.

handcrafted lined beaded bagbeaded bag craft

There’s Regina Felipe Agbayani, The woman with the tote. Such an entertaining character. The lady happens to be a Grade 1 teacher (3, which means with MA degree) at the Vintar  Central Elementary School. No wonder she can talk non-stop:) She requests me to mention that she’s from Parparuruk, Vintar (where the Vintar Dam is located). Ms. Regina says that she’s been wearing her bag for 6 months now and it’s sturdy like you can hang yourself on to it. Hahahah!

Bead BokehBead Purse

Myla showed me photos of her friend’s original artworks on her phone. Regrettably, her friend is out of town. Her glass bead lanterns and lampshades are fabulous. I could  imagine them lighted with colorful glow. They were displayed at a trade fair in San Nicolas during their last fiesta.

bead lantern

Myla also conducts bead craft seminar to those interested. With some friends, they organized one in Vintar where it was a hit among housewives.

A fruitful day. I’m so happy to have met fellow moms who “don’t waste time,” Ms. Regina’s sister’s (Rosalie’s) words.

If you want to contact the women about the craft or order a bag, call or text: Regina Felipe Agbayani 0999-363-9418, Myla Tee Sy 0929-976-7940

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