A cup of coffee and more with Barako Joe

A cup of coffee

As promised, sharing photos taken at Barako Joe’s coffee farm in Lipa, Batangas. Barako Joe is Jose Macasaet Honrade Mercado, a third generation coffee farmer/trader and as he describes himself, “a coffee farmer since birth.”

Tito Joe’s family was featured in Chef Sandy Daza’s FoodPrints. I hope you enjoyed the entire Season 1 as much as I did behind the scenes.

Picture 503-2Taal Lake

FoodPrints shot at his farm and log cabin home overlooking the placid Taal Lake early in the morning. They were gracious enough to prepare coffee, of course by the famly-owned Cafe de Lipa, with Lipa specialties pancit lang-lang, tamalis and an assortment of cakes made by The Artisan (the chef daughter of Tito Joe).

FoodPrints ShootChef Sandy and Barako JoeIlocos Robusta

The eldest of his sons says, “Roasting is an art, but in the end it’s the roaster who decides.” Good  coffee, they say, should have a balance of sour and bitter notes.

Coffee Around the PhilippinesCoffee Beans around the PhilippinesCoffee Around the PhilippinesSandy Daza with the Mercados of Lipa

Chef Sandy Daza with the Mercados

Breakfast with the Mercados

I had the best ever butterscotch cake here!

Breakfast with the Mercados

Coffee and milk ‘dos: My boss Jennie Celdran and Tita Ligaya Mercado.

Batangas CoffeeCade de Lipa Gift BoxesSandy DazaAtsara by The Artisan corner@lipa

The fruits are grown in their farm and made into atsara after the harvest season. They are all good! My instant loves are the paho, santol and luya.

Sari-saring atsara at The Artisan corner@lipaTawilis at Atsarang paho

We had a beautiful lunch at Cafe de Lipa. Heaven in tawilis + paho atsara and adobo flakes + santol atsara!

with Mr. Barako Joe

In behalf of Sandy Daza, Jennie Celdran and FoodPrints, thanking the Mercado family for the wonderful time we spent with them. Nakaka-miss their super sarap food. Actually!

Here are other photos shot in Batangas.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

Non-Food Prints with FoodPrints in Batangas


Over the past 3 months I’ve been working as a blogger/vacationing as a tourist from Ilocos with the FoodPrints food travelogue series of Chef Sandy Daza, I’ve gained an overload of beautiful prints with extraordinary friends. Life is weirdly good. My computer memory is so full I need to delete files every now and then.

KalsadaJeepneyTaalPanueloSalakotTaal MarketJusi at Piña

Batangas is such an interesting place. I’d want to go back to the Taal Market where I discovered fabulous Filipiniana and fine jusi and piña calado. My mom would have gone nuts in Taal! I bought Alexa a pretty handpainted Maria Clara. Check out the food here.

Taal VendorPicture 853TaalTaal BasilicaKatipunero

Chanced upon himagsikan mood while katipineros and prayles were being filmed at the Taal Basilica.

Farm FeelMooCowgirlsFoodPrints at a Batangas cattle farmwith Chef Sandy Daza

I insisted on having a photo with Chef Sandy. When they filmed him with me for the initial episode (here), hahah, direk Cris had to call my attention ‘coz I was always looking at the food and not into my guest’s eyes.

@Liam'sFanSplit SecondLong BenchCafe de Lipa FarmMorning SunshineCafe de Lipa

The Mercados, owners of Cafe de Lipa. They belong to a family of century-old coffee farmers. I’m posting a story on Barako Joe soon.

A Toast to FoodPrints

Thank You! Cheers, FoodPrints!

Photographed by Blauearth, Cris, Jeng and Mark
© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013