Lanie’s Batac empanada: Deviating from tradition

Deconstructed Empanada

My most frequented empanadista in Batac, Lanie Simbulan (of Lanie’s Empanada), opens a Lanie’s Fastfood focusing on new forms of the uber popular orange turnover thingy while still maintaining her traditional empanadahan by the Batac Riverside.

We got curious. The old empanada is still offered, but as the diner from San Nicolas says, Lanie has made innovations. “Sa tinagal-tagal ko na sa Ilocos, ngayon lang ako nakakita ng ganito. Masarap.” He was referring to the tacos empanada laid in front his big group.


The tacos empanada is a semi-deconstructed empanada with a cheesy accent replacing the egg. Lanie also created the empanada burger with a green patty. I asked permission to photograph someone’s, so I really can’t make a precise description at this time. There’s also the bagnet burger.

Empanada BurgerEmpanada burgerLapitog:)shabu shabu

 In addition to the new ways of enjoying Batac empanada, shabu-shabu bowl, miki, lomi, bihon/canton guisado, silogs that include bagnetsilog, are on the menu. The turo-turo counter is filled with legit Ilocano dishes.

Ilocanos apparently are embracing the novelty. Manning the counter, Ceazar Torres says, the tacos empanada is the bestseller. Prices are good.

Lanie's MenuLanie's Fast Food

Lanie’s Fastfood Valdez St, Brgy. 1 – Concepcion, Batac City, Ilocos Norte Open from 8:30 to 1 AM. (Located near the Batac Shell station and the Immaculate Conception Church.)

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Lanie’s Empanada, Once and For All

Batac Empanada

Lanie is back rolling our favorite crunchy empanada and pinais at her post in the Batac Riverside Empanadahan. She got sidetracked with out of town fairs, causing confusion among the fans. We missed the Batac mayor by a mere 10 minutes at her stall.

So there, folks, it’s Lanie’s Empanada! Back by popular demand.

Ilocos Empanada by LanieLanie's Empanada, Batac, Ilocos NorteBatac EmpanadaLanie's EmpanadaRiverside Empanadahan

Empanada for dinner with the in-laws.

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Rule of Thumb

Marcos Museum

We brought Alexa to the the newly redone Marcos Museum in Batac (one of the elements of the Ilocos Norte government-promoted Marcos Trail tourism product). Ever since her initial experience at the Museo Ilocos Norte, she has developed a thing for museums.

1965 was the year that changed the course of history for many of us Filipinos. It was the year that Ferdinand E. Marcos sat into power.

Marcos Museum

Ilocanos adored the Marcos couple. In my growing years, I thought he was king and she was queen. Being a Lo, I asked my parents if Marcial Lo was an angry relative.

Losing his chief political rival, Benigno S. Aquino Sr, in 1983, made a dent in his national popularity. People power rose, making the widowed Corazon C. Aquino the new icon of democracy. Son Noynoy follows in the footsteps of his mother.

There is nothing new in the museum. In an old post (that needs some serious updating), I wrote, “The YARDSTICK against which all new leaders in the province are measured since the late President Marcos remains to be him — the Apo. He was brilliant and left the nation with many accomplishments including the thousands of laws he has written that are still in force and in effect. During his time, the province was solid with no political bickering at all.” Martial Law isn’t explained in the museum. Nothing is also said about the former president’s last years in Hawaii.

Rumors are rife that only son Senator Bongbong Marcos is running in 2016. Will there be another Marcos president in our future?

Marcos MuseumImelda AlfombraMarcos MuseumMarcos MuseumMarcos MuseumFerdinand E. MarcosMarcos MuseumMarcos MuseumMarcos Memorabilia1965Fruit ShakeImelda Marcos ResidenceTinubong at CalamayBatac

I didn’t know Alexa liked calamay which she saw from the side street vendors. I made good my promise to buy her snow cone in Paoay. So that was our Sunday afternoon, folks. Have a good week.

Paoay ChiuchSnow ConeFlavorsPaoayAlexa
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