A Horizon of Friendship

Pasaleng Bay

There are friendships that last beyond time and distance. Alma, my best friend since kindergarten, spent her elementary and high school years in Laoag. It’s not too often that she comes home, yet whenever we’re together, it always feels like we’ve never been apart.  We remember everything, like watching a movie that we never tire of.

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Pagudpud ViaductUp NorthAlmaDinakdakanSinanglayIce Creeam CrepeIlocosIlocosColorsGranadaIndayonBuatsinaAtisLaoag
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

To the north, to the north

Pasuquin Bakery

Going up north, north of Laoag, translates to photo vomit. It starts with fresh biscocho from the Pasuquin Bakery and ends with “tres dulces” at Bergblick where you can savor bagnet prepared the professional Bavarian way by Chef Detlev Cotte. In between munches and de rigueur explication through the 7-hour northern exposure, at least if you’re with me, you will experience the highlights of the northern Ilocos coastline, yet there is more to thread — the max you can have due to time constraint.

Bakery TinapayPan de Mongo

-Pan de mongo

Pasuquin Biscocho

-A Manileño tourist discovers Pasuquin’s famous biscocho.

Pasuquin Bakery Soft BiscochoBurgos Coastline

-From the Cape Bojeador lighthouse, it is the Burgos coastline that beams at daylight.

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, BurgosManuever: The spontaneity of Joshua Zamora

-Stumbling upon tall, lean and goodlooking Manuever, Joshua Zamora… spontaneity.

Manuever: In the frame with Joshua Zamora

-PGIN Tourism aide Arnel, who was with Joshua, was hesitant to disturb the dancer, but took the photo just the same when I wouldn’t settle for a paparazzi shot. (Thanks, Arnel!)

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

-My cool pack at the cultural heritage lighthouse, perched high on the Vigia de Nagparitan hill, first lit in March 30, 1892.

Red BrickVintage GateVerandahTerracottaWritings on the wallHoneymooners

-31st anniversary honeymooners on an Ilocos escapade.

Beyond the high voltage…

Restricted AreaTsika minute sa blogger

Tsika minute with tourists chilling around.

PeaceA rock beyond the thorns

  -The shrinking Kapurpurawan Rock Formation beyond the thorns.

5-Paysos Viewdeck

-5 pay-soses view deck for those who can’t hike to the white rock.

Framed Beach Scene

-At the Bangui Windmills area, cutting on a clean view.

Tilting at WindmillSunny Pagudpud

-Pagudpud white sand on my toes.

Pagudpud Sand

-China goes to Pagudpud:)

Bergblick  Deutsches RestaurantBergblick Deutsches Restaurant

– roadside Bergblick Deutsches Restaurant, Burayoc Point, Pagudpud.

Sauerkraut Platter

-The bomb! My sauerkraut platter, topped with homemade extrayummy-saltyish ham and Chef Detlev-sausage for the pack to share.

Three-Color PastaTuna PlatterBagnet prepared the Bavarian way

German bagnet for a change:)

Porkloin in Beer SauceThai Curry Chicken

-The awesomest, subtlest curried chicken I’ve had since a Bangkok tour.

Bergblick Pan

-The specialty of the house among other fine specialties — Bergblick Pan with cabbage roll, breaded pork, potatoes and sausage bathed in a special sauce!

And then the OMG butterscotch cake, creme brulee and crepe!!! Om nom nom nom.

Tres DulcesPhoto op with the Bergblick Couple

-The pack with the Cotte power couple of the house, Maritess and Chef Detlev.

Some photos by Marianne, Mike,  Peewee, Arnel and Reny
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012


The previous rainy week got me enervated. The sun smiles on Ilocos again. Cruised to Bangui to catch some rays and clean air.
The windmill souvenir stalls by the dirt road leading to the wind farm are increasing over time. Now they also have a whole gamut of natural wood home furnishings. A good sign for tourism, but a bad sign if we talk about responsible attitudes toward the environment.
There’s this cafe near the southern end of the windmills named Kangkang Windmill Cafe. The name Kangkang never fails to elicit laughter from Tagalog-speaking visitors. (For the clueless, look it up in the Urban Dictionary.) Kangkang is actually the name of the sitio (part of the barangay) where the Kangkang Windmill Cafe is situated.
The cabana is a fine area within the expanse.  Good coffee made from Sagada, Kalinga and Benguet beans are the specialties of the house. They serve up hot as well as iced coffee brews. Filipino meals are available for the heavy eaters. For those wanting to explore the Ilocano cuisine, you can choose from dinardaraan, poqui-poqui, dinengdeng, pinakbet, igado and longaniza.

I sampled their fresh buko shake and longa burger made of Ilocos longaniza. The shake was bracing, but the longaniza sandwich lacked zest. I guess they could use mayonnaise with pickle relish instead of the mayo-ketchup dressing or add up a heaping of chopped red onions.Taking the lead with the iconic windmills, government and the denizens of Ilocos Norte should consistently strive for a harmonious relationship with nature, I hope
Stopped by Diriqui, Pasuquin, for baraniti on my way back to Laoag.


Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved