Reminiscing the good old Magnolia days


Back in high school, as a student of St. Joseph’s College, (Q.C,) I was able to tour the Aurora Boulevard Magnolia dairy plant. The entire class ogled the mounds of butter, saw how ice cream was made, after which Twin Popsies and Drumstick by the boxes were distributed for us to enjoy,. The huge ice cream parlor on the other end was so popular to bring the kids for a happy time with an Ernie and Bert or a peach Melba, and a jar of barquillos to take out. I always had my favorite Lover’s Delight or strawberry parfait.

Magnolia House

The ice cream place soon faded away. In 2012, however, the new owners of the huge property (which is now a Robinsons mall) brought back the Magnolia ice cream parlor as a fitting tribute to Magnolia House. Now known as the Magnolia Flavor House, it doesn’t look quite the same, but the same old fresh ice cream flavors delight the kid in us all. I’ve never had it that good! My ice kacang aka halo-halo was exquisite. The vanilla ice cream in Brandon’s Red Velvet was just so perfect. There must be that certain temperature that keeps Magnolia Ice Cream faultless, as it is BEST enjoyed at its own parlor.

Magnolia House 2Lolo and Apo

Grandpas and grandmas are loving the nostalgia. Beyond ice cream sundaes and shakes, Magnolia Flavor House is also a restaurant for kids’ favorites such as clubhouse sandwich, nachos, pastas, etc..

Cones and TopingsMagnolia Peach MelbaStill a bestseller, Peach Melba with the best mango, ube and strawberry ice creams by Magnolia..Magnolia Red Velvet and Ice KacangMagnolia Red VelvetColorsMAgnolia House 3

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