Revisiting Nature and Art in Baguio’s Tam-awan Village

Village Gallery

Alexa couldn’t be happier getting her dose of art and culture in a green setting. Chanum Foundation’s Tam-awan Village was set up by national artist BenCab in 1998. It has been bolstered up over the years. We failed to catch solar painter Jordan Mang-osan, who guided us when the Cordillera village garden was in its infancy stage. The colors of the environs are more saturated, fetching happy spiritedness.

From time to time, art exhibits, workshops and cultural events are facilitated by Benguet local artists. The Ifugao and Kalinga huts are adorned with contemporary artwork, reflecting the dynamic culture of the Cordilleran peoples. There are small fees to be paid to help sustain this estimable project of preserving culture as a fresher means for the enjoyment of younger generations.

Tam-awan VillageArtsy TiresIgorot ArtWarmth

The cafe and crafts shop has grown bigger and better. They have an interesting, very current menu of crisp upland salads, crepes, sandwiches and native meals such as pinikpikan. Still the same excellent brewed local coffee that Reny loves. I don’t know how many times his cup was refilled with coffee and great memories of mountain biking under Benguet’s killer road conditions back in the 90s. Brandon was absorbing the advetures in the cantilever brake era, while Alexa seized the chance to sit for portraits by artists Jenny and Alfred for the price of one.

Table TalkBugnay GalleryTam-awan VillageTam-awan Village Cafe and CraftsKittyPortraiturePortrait ArtistPortrait by JennyTwo for the Price of OneSunshine OrchidsBamboo BridgeIfugao HouseGreens and RedsTam-awan Village Hut

The huts are up for lodging.

GreenThe Smiles of NatureIgorot Goodbye

Tam-awan Village 366-C Pinsao Proper, Baguio City Tel. No: (074) 446 2949/442-5553

Photographed by Alexa, Brandon and Blauearth
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The Art of Vince Canlapan

image via Vince Canlapan

Sharing a gem of a kid. Well, not exactly juvenile stuff. He’s Vince Canlapan, a young graphic designer in Ilocos who’s fast making a name as a blog designer for celebrity bloggers across the nation. Check out Vince’s work in his blog, The Art Apprentice.

A survivor of a car crash, Ironman Vince is here to stay.

image via Vince Canlapan
images via Vince Canlapan The Art Apprentice

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