A school to learn how to break rules and take risks

Rimat  2014

Lucky are the kids who are able to develop their innate creativity. It is the whole idea behind the Special Program in the Arts (SPA) of the Ilocos Norte National High School. At this time, the only middle school program in the province designed to nurture imagination, artistry and confidence as well as impart technical skills. The program turns 10 this year, and it has produced world-class talents such as the multi-awarded Samiweng Singers.

I have so much respect for the institution. And the refreshing freedom of artistic expression if we were to talk about last night’s recital and exhibit.

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Visual Artist Mike Kairuz Is So Back

Mike Kairuz

When I featured Ilocano visual artist Mike Kairuz in 2010 (here), it was after a random visit at his home. At the launch of his own exhibit at the Samtoy Books in the La Tabacalera Ilocano Lifestyle Center last night, I was finally able to take photos of him and his art. I didn’t know he left his tools only to come back after four years of absence in the art scene. Once an artist, always an artist. But Mike’s got new verve.

Subjectwith Ilocano-Lebanese artist Mike KairuzKairuz "After Four Years" art exhibitBegin The Journey

If you look closely into the painting, Begin The Journey, you’d notice a woman with an umbrella, kind of resembling Imelda, and a Pablo Picasso-like figure on the other side. There’s also a calesa which could fit into the entrance of the legendary Laoag Sinking Bell Tower.

Mike has added a child to his tres Marias. He wishes to do an all black and white series next.

“Four Years After” Multiple Perspectives runs until the 12th of December.

Black and WhiteThe Fish Vendor  by Mike KairuzThe blogger/photog and the artistBloggers Unlimited

My blogger bestie, Marianne Gaces Pasion. We tend to meet  unexpectedly. She took some of the photos.

Thought Journals

Thought Journals!

Samtoy BooksPhoto by Marianne Pasion

It was nice to have met another artist, Nicole Rudio. I chanced upon her beautiful work at Samtoy Books in August.  I’m looking forward to meet with her again for a feature in the blog.

Gee Foronda DiarosGee Diaros and Mike Kairuz

I also got to meet the bookstore’s gracious manager, Gee Foronda Diaros.

Red and Blue

Complementing each other, Eric Cayetano is a musician/videographer. Aren’t they a lovely couple?

With Stella Gaspar

I’ve known Stella Gaspar since about 8 years ago, here in the net:) She’s all grown up.

Picture 2275Photo by Marianne G. PasionThat Dog
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