Young Ilocano downhill riders train with the pros

Bike Clinic

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and can coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are…” Author Ernest Hemingway couldn’t have said it better.

Bike Clinic

In downhill racing, it’s a whole new ball game. Speed is as important as balance and focus.

Downhill mountain bike tutorials are a great way of improving riding techniques. Coach Parabanne “Bans” Mendoza, with wife Athena, and Coach Arjuna Saulo love what they do. That is go around the country and teach kids to ride properly. The former Philippine team downhillers were in town recently.  They trained 10 young riders. I think I heard Coach Bans say there is a way to grip the handlebar. But first he checked if they were wearing their helmets right.

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Family support was visible in Lagui-Sail, like Niki Domingo’s dad Nelson was there the entire day. I also saw a mom driving her sons to the trail. I left early, failing to see the kids bring their bikes to the hill and pedal down fast with more confidence.

The tiny boys in the barrio were also listening intently.

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Gear up your mt. bike downhill skills with the pros

Photo by Batibols Bikers

Parabanne Mendoza and Arjuna Saulo, the best coaches in the country’s MTB scene, will be in Laoag on February 8, 2014, to conduct a bike clinic to help you reach your race goals and riding skills. The one-day course will take place on the lofty trails of Lagui-Sail.

Registration fee is P500. For inquiries, contact the Batibols Bikers (Jackie de la Cruz or Edzel Bargas) here.

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TwentySixHundred MTB DH Race, Baguio City


Downhillers from all over the Philippines, along with the One Ilocos DH Team of Batibols Bikers and Boondatz Racing, clinched the 2nd leg of the DROP Downhill Philippines National Series 2013, at the US Embassy-Kadaklan, organized by Baguio’s TwentysSixHundred led by Jason Herbolario.

DROP officials, steered by President Erwin Benipayo and Coach Arjuna Saulo, managed the cutthroat racing, The cool weather enveloping Camp John Hay liberated bikers and spectators alike.

Jackie de la Cruz of Batibols Bikers bagged the 3rd place-expert category.

Biking with the county’s tough and highly skilled bikers on rugged meandering trails with technical kicks already makes one a winner. Getting ready for the Dayawen 2013 in La Union.

 To camera freaks, a dream opening for insane action throughout spectacular landscape!

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