Neutral Zone

I had on and off internet connection the past 3 days.

So what does a female do when she is as useless as PLDT DSL? She walks out the door and makes other connections.

Purchased a pair of Anthology sandals in hard-to-find beige. I liked it the moment I saw it. It will look great with most of my casual stuff.

I didn’t know Anthology makes great shoe boxes. Each box comes with a photo sticker of what’s inside, making life easier for a woman on the go.

Next, I went to Ellitoes for a little pampering. Tried on Ericke’s Revlon Powder Puff in a matte suede texture. I expected something whiter, but I came to like its talc color after a while. It brought to mind my nanny’s boudoir which accumulated Tender Care baby powder all the time.

Nude tones perfectly compliment those muumuus and trapeze tops in vibrant hues coming out this summer

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