ZOO-CRAZY idea in Adams

No to a Zoo in Adams
Chunks of high biodiversity forests in Adams, the last frontier in the North, are part of a protected area (Kalbario-Patapat Natural Park), a critical habitat (Adams Wildlife Critical Habitat) and the proposed Northern Ilocos Norte Natural Park (assessed during the time of President Corazon Aquino and still pending approval). Word is getting around, a ZOO enterprise, which entails locking up animals, is being considered in Adams.

The Animal Welfare Act states: It shall be the duty of every person to protect the natural habitat of the wildlife. Destruction of said habitat shall be considered as a form of cruelty to animals and its preservation is a way of protecting the animals. Neither is it lawful to introduce exotic species or man-made factors that will affect the existence of wildlife, according to the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act.

Please oppose whatever project that will compromise the welfare of the last remaining natural habitats in the North. No to lock up of animals!  Please pass the word around.

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Behind all the Beauty that is Adams


You can cry in awe at the natural riches of the mountain town of Adams, you can also cry in alarm at the beauty in retrograde. More than a week ago, a hornbill-wielding Adams local made the rounds in the net. On Holy Thursday, walking the paths to glorious havens, howling slices of burnt old sod cripple you momentarily.

Late last year, 3,250 hectares (32.3 sq km) of the only remaining high-biodiversity lands were proclaimed the Adams Wildlife Critical Habitat (AWCH) by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). (Read my story on Rappler here.)

Who is terrified of a fangless snake?

Picture 148Burnt Land

Going to Adams in 2005 was a turning point in my life. So much beauty to suck in. Before the rainforest town turns into another denuded town, I made a pact with myself  to help save in my own little way what is there left.

Between 2005 and the present, the town has changed hands at least 2 times. The concept of ecotourism my organization (LEAD Movement) has tried to establish in partnership with the local government in 2005 has evolved into two things, economy and tourism. The third element — the eco in ecology was left behind.

Natural assets are magnets to the lust of greed and power. Miners from the outside world remain to threaten these ancestral domains. Sitio Bucarot is a looming security issue — shades of  Spratlys. Archaic indigenous culture persists to defy conservation.

All an ordinary citizen like me can do is bask and pray in Adams.

Anuplig RainBran and Euge 3Eugene 2BrandonJoshuaStonesAnuplig Falls TrekCampMikeAlex and NicoleBolo RiverBolo RiverBran and EugeAdams WinesWine and Buko Store
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A tree is known by its fruit

Jade Green Waters of Bolo

Man tends to abuse nature. We cut down trees and then we weep for no harvest. We treat the river like a big garbage dump and then we mourn its death. We shoot the birds and then we ask the skies where have all the birds gone.

The one-barangay town of Adams nestled in the mountains east of Pagudpud is home to the last old growth forests of dipterocarp trees in the northernmost region. A portion of these high-biodiversity forests have at long  last  been declared the Adams Wildlife Critical Habitat (AWCH) by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Is it enough to save the forests from the greed and power of capitalists lording it over at the northwestern end of the Cordilleras? Yes, if political will confronts corruption.

DwarfedA 35-foot tall tree.

Skyscraper Tree

The protection and conservation of the dipterocarp forests in this former rebel town is expected to boost what it has started in 2005 when it opened its doors to tourists seeking pristine nature.

Read more  about the  Adams Wildlife Critical Habitat in “A fresh start for ecotourism in Adams, Ilocos Norte” on Rappler (here)

Here are more photos from my  recent Adams trip with family.

Up AdamsMt. Magnas, Adams, Ilocos NorteA Slippery RideBiker on the RoadFrogs for new yearBayan ng AdamsSelfie Reflection on a Rice FieldTreesVine

Rare Plants (Photo by Michael Calaramophotos by Michael Calaramo

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Pinakbet a Laplapayag (Tree Ears)Pinakbet with laplapayag from trees.

AdamsThe WinemakerDuchessAdams, The Eco-Adventure Tourism Destination in the NorthDots and StripesCoffeeYoung coffee plant.

With special thanks to Alain, Michael Calaramo, Cora Pugal and Paul Acupan.

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