The Loveliness book from Two Lovely People

Loveliness The Book

A package arrives. I open it. Loveliness. It’s Ace and Kit’s self-published book of beautiful photos that capture their very heart and art.

I browse through the pages. I see the first line from a post in this blog.

“A match made in heaven. I’m referring to husband and wife team Ace and Kit Mandac’s mutual artistry and propensity for fine taste.” (Full story here).

Happiness is when you see something and a tear rolls down. I’m happy for Ace and Kit. And Ava. The words in the line are the most accurate words for the couple. I’m not exactly close to them, but respect and admiration for what they are, what they do, and how they treat people in an utmost professional manner, whether clients or not, has brought them close to my heart. Their good taste is more than skin-deep… the loveliness in them both.

Loveliness is about Inspiration and Dedication. It’s also about the couple’s journey as artists.

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Visit Ava’s on Gen. Segundo Ave (Bacarra Road), if you need to order a copy.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

Romancing Ilocos (with Kit and Ace Mandac)

sarrat wedding by ava's

Sometime ago last year, I got an email from a reader who chose Ilocos as her wedding destination. She had everything she wanted listed down, but didn’t quite know who to contact for such things such as carvery and dessert stations, cake and others. I actually had only one local name, oh, two names in mind who could possibly make her wishes come true, and for her to really not worry so much about details and quality. I later learned from Kit and Ace Mandac that the Lara (Tabifranca) who emailed me tied the knot with Vic Magsaysay, son of (senatoriable) Mitos Magsaysay. Like I always do, I only asked Lara info about the things to be done in Laoag, so I was a little surprised that they came to the north for that one very significant occasion in their lives.

On second thought Ilocos Norte is an ideal wedding destination with all the beautiful old churches. That something old can be crossed out, or maybe that something blue if you prefer the beach.


Going back to the Lara-Vic wedding, it was on the day Haiyan was expected to landfall. The planned  garden wedding reception at the Fort Ilocandia was moved to the Sierra Madre Ballroom at the last minute, an hour before it started, according to Kit. I would be a nervous wreck of a bride if I were not dealing with Ace and Kit, who always know what to do in last minute changes,  like how they competently moved in a flash the sand dune wedding setup of May and Angelo to a function hall in the midst of heavy rains.


I’m so proud of the two true Ilocano artists Kit and Ace Mandac. They are steadily adding beautiful, romantic fetes to their portfolio. They also styled the heritage-themed wedding of Nessa Valdellon (GMA VP for News Affairs) to Gil Balderas (BMW executive director) at the Paoay Church.

DSC_0156-1DSC_0188The Sitio Remedios wedding reception of Gil and Nessa Balderas.

DSC_0126-1DSC_0803playa weddingKislie and Efmar’s dream wedding at the Malacañang of the North by the Paoay Lake.

DSC_0759DSC_0766A Vigan wedding for Sam and Anna Lao at Sitio Uno.

DSC_0690_2Peacock motif for Norman and Lily Raguirag (from Hawaii and Spain, respectively).

DSC_0700_2DSC_0701_2DSC_0375DSC_0371 A neutral palette for the  Joyce and Mark Salas wedding at Playa Tropical in Currimao.


Isn’t that a lovely cake? Kit and Ace never run out of love.

All photos courtesy of Ava’s Cake and Partyshop

© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014