Ilocanas make the front page of

Congrats to Jaynny Lao and Ericke for making the front page of (July 28, 2010). I’m excited for the both of them, especially Jaynny. I heard people in Hawaii want to interview Jaynny. Go, go, girl! *wink*

Here’s the link to the original post by KC Santos via loQal.phLaoag’s Jaynny Lao dreams of making it big as a fashion designer.

You may want to read my March 13, 2010 feature on promising Jaynny’s first fashion show ever.
PS On a different note, Lovi Poe, alleged girlfriend of Congressman Ronald Singson, another Ilocano, was on the same screenshot.

PSS On a sour note, here’s a pretty shocking  report on the politician. Equally pretty shocking is the purported special treatment prominent people still get in the country after PNoy has promised in his inaugural speech — “No more junkets, no more senseless spending. No more turning back on pledges made during the campaign, whether today or in the coming challenges that will confront us over the next six years. No more influence-peddling, no more patronage politics, no more stealing. No more sirens, no more short cuts, no more bribes. It is time for us to work together once more.” In his first SONA, PNoy said, “Pwede na muling mangarap.” I hope the SONA is not just another “sana”.

PPPS Promise, the last… I’ll end this on a funny note, or rather a lighter note, the one thing that puts the key personalities in this post, including me, is that we are all dreamers, don’t you think? ‘The Dreamers’ would have been a better title, but the postscripts were unplanned. I suddenly remember Inception, that “segue” movie.

I second Jaynny’s sign language… PEACE ON EARTH.

Jaynny Lao on spotlight

Young Laoagueño Jaynny Lao successfully launched her career as a fashion designer in a fabulous 6-piece evening gown  fashion show after having been awarded second honors in the recent Tourismo Abel Iluko Competition for her white abel masterpiece, also one of the featured gowns on the catwalk last night. The show culminated the weeklong Vertext EXPO 2010 Pa-Auction, a 15 pieces per day  cellphone and video cam auction sale at the Robinsons Ilocos Norte. Vertext, one of the leading cellphone loading and distribution businesses in Ilocos, is owned and managed by Jaynny’s brother, young entrepeneur and soon to be CEO, Handy Lao, with the able support of their other brothers: Jonel, the overall manager of all Vertext stores, Allan, the operations manager, and BJ, the key accounts head.

First face, Ericke Tan, in a whimsical bare-off flowing chiffon gown in sunshiny marigold and purple

The winning abel Iluko gown modeled by Miss Pamulinawen International 2009, Kate Lao

Rochelle Dy-Sin in a modern day goddess number

The designer, Jaynny Lao

25-year old Jaynny, who started fashion sketching when she was six, admires Christian Dior, Vera Wang, successful Filipina  fashion designer to Hollywood stars, Monique Lhullier, and our very own fashion darling, Rajo Laurel. She studied fashion design at Cora Doloroso in Manila. She does everything — choosing the fabric, cutting, sewing and embellishing. When asked about her inspirations, she said, “It starts with the fabric. I just have to feel the fabric, then I will have something playing up in my mind.” She is very particular on how the fabric drapes, and her creations always have details in them… details such as trimming, beadwork, ruching and draping.


Backstage Pass

Ericke and Janny



Barbie dolls

23-year old make-up maven, Alvin Pascual, another upcoming fashion name in Ilocos, dreams of becoming one of the best make-up artists in town.

Alvin excels at stage make-up (pageant, fashion show, etc.), but does bridal make-up and make-up for any occasion. Contact number: 0916-5742437

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A touch of abel Iluko in my home

The table napkin was made through the process of abel, an Ilocano tradition of weaving. Inabel or abel Iluko is the woven fabric, which is what the Ilocos region is also known for. Colorful inabel products come in ready-made blankets, placemats, table runners, pillow covers, towels, shawls, etc. Fabric for dresses, gowns and barongs, and other special items can be customized. ( Click on to read related post. ) You can visit the Museo Ilocos Norte, or Gameng,  for more  information.

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