Sustaining the fading craft of inabel: AVA works with Tweetie de Leon

In Ilocos, only a handful of inabel master weavers remain. To help keep the age-old tradition awake, online retail platform AVA has collaborated with Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez in creating a handwoven inabel travel-theme collection, infused with culture, identity and history of the Filipino people, accentuating the belief that heritage should be worn on the sleeve.

AVA brings the 100% Filipino design and ingenuity to the global scene through Kicstarter. The particular anti-fast fashion is a marriage of traditional and modern aesthetic.

Please read more about the artisanal inabel collection (here) and support the future of the inabel fabric.

Weaving 101: The warp is the tightly stretched lengthwise core of a fabric while the weft is the horizontal thread woven between the warped threads to create and define an emerging pattern., Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez, striking a pose with her very own Inabel Weekender Bag

WEEKENDER BAG (23x10x15 inches)PASSPORT SLEEVE (4x6 inches)Inabel Travel RobeKICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE: LIMITED EDITION COTTON SHAWLInabel pocketed V-neck shirt
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MODi (that little fashion-forward store exuding Ilocano esprit)

Modern Ilocano

Admittedly, there used to be a local shortage of interestingly chic Ilocano stuff to wear or bring home to wherever. Unless customized (which entails a kinda long waiting time inclusive of a trip to Ilocos to choose the specifics, shipping, etc.) or aiming for traditional linens, buying native products made with inabel or any other indigenous material is a rather complicated story, not an easy task for the fuzzy shopper or tourist. But today, there’s no fretting over tired, dated or generic souvenir items and 168-ish fashion accessories being passed as local, MODi just opened at the Puregold Laoag last Sunday. On top of Brazilian Dupé flip-flops and Filipino-made fashion accessories is a kaleidoscopic range of nicely-made abel Iloko purses and clutches in swingin’ styles.

MODi Store

Tell me, where else can you find a Speedy-esque bag in handwoven acid pink binakol or wood-framed abel clutch? MODi (a contraction of modern Ilocano) is another brainchild of admirable entrepreneur and the epitome of a stylish Ilocano, Mary Ann Cua Macaraeg, CEO of Visionaire and President of ILEA.


-Went home with these handmade accessories.

The tiny space is packed with uncommon goodies. Plenty of boho and beach-appropriate items. Don’t miss a thing, check out all corners.

I learned they also accept bulk orders (email:

Photos by Ericke Tan on Instagram
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