Interesting Ilocos

Hello, everyone! Get to know Ilocos better through the places I’ve visited, the people I’ve met, the food I continue to enjoy and anything in between. My “Ilocos Norte from A to Z” needs serious updating. Hope to be able to come up with a new one before 2013.

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Burgos Outback: Palpalokada (BTS Kapuso Mo, Jessica Sojo Travel Special shoot)

The Poetry of Palpalokada (Ilocos Norte’s best kept  secret)

The Philippines’ First-Ever Laoag La Paz Sandboarding Competition

Biking Around Ilocos Norte

Sandboarding by the LEAD Movement, the creators of Sandboarding in the Philippines, gets recognized in stories by Karl de Mesa for Monday magazine, Issue 5, Mediavore

Museo Ilocos Norte: Pride of ancestry is a priceless legacy

Ilocos Norte is not just about old churches and landmarks that bespeak its rich history. It is also proud of its abundant natural wealth – pristine beaches and untouched forests that host a high amount of biodiversity.

Help save this wealth for the coming generations to enjoy.

The dangers of mining in Ilocos Norte

8 thoughts on “Interesting Ilocos

  1. Hi, my friends and I are interested in going to ilocos. All we know is that we want to go sandsurfing, have a look at the kapurpurawan rock formations, and check out the windmills.Is this a nice itinerary for first-timers? I never thought Ilocos could be this beautiful to look at. thanks!

    • Yes, but I suggest you have to include Maira-ira Point in Pagudpud, and go driving along the Patapat Viaduct.
      Thanks, and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay.

  2. Hi there Mam, we are planning to visit Ilocos on a 5 day spree, is there any itinerary that you may share with us so we can have a full 5 day Ilocos fun? And maybe also hotels for accomodations? We’ll very much appreciate it. Thanks a Lot!

    • Wow, 5 days is long.

      For hotels, you have many to choose from: within the city, I recommend Balay da Blas Pensionne House, Hotel Tiffany or Java Hotel. There’s also the INHCC if you want a night or 2 near the Paoay Lake. It’s got new rooms and the food is affordable. There’s also Casa Emilia in Paoay. I’m sure you are goin’ to Pagudpud. I personally love Kapuluan Vista Resort. There’s also Panzzian Mountain Resort if you are looking for a quiet place near the ocean and mountains.

      Must sees:
      Paoay Church
      Paoay Lake and Malacanang of the North
      Paoay and Laoag Sand Dunes
      Northwestern Botanical Gardens and Ecotourism Park (for the nature lover and gardening enthusiasts)
      Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel (Tip: Great dimsum at Red 8.)
      Batac Riverside Empanada
      Marcos Museum, Batac
      Pangil Rock Formations, Currimao (great snorkeling place)
      Museo Ilocos Norte, Laoag
      The Sinking Bell Tower, Laoag
      REFMAD Dragon Fruit Farm, Burgos
      Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, Burgos
      Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, Burgos
      Bangui Windmills
      Baset Hanging Bridge, Anuplig Falls and Lovers’ Peak, Adams
      Patapat Viaduct, Pagudpud
      Juan Luna Shrine and Mino’s Italian Pizza(for a quick snack) in Badoc.

      Places to eat:
      Saramsam Restaurant, Laoag
      Macy’s Diner, Laoag
      Dawang’s Place, San Nicolas
      Bistro 51, Brgy. 51, Laoag
      Franklin’s in Laoag for Hi-bol
      Pamulinawen, Laoag

      Bistro 51
      Eagle’s Nest, Laoag
      Kalye Lagasca
      Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel Casino

      Where to buy pasalubong:
      Sarusar Shop, Museo Ilocos Norte
      Tayamen’s, Don E Ruiz, Laoag (for longaniza)
      Rara’s, Laoag Supermarket (for bagnet aka chicharon)
      Saramsam Restaurant and Consignment Shop, Laoag
      Pasuquin Bakery, Pasuquin (for soft or toasted biscocho)
      Adams (for bugnay and other fruit wines and tapuey)

  3. hello maam, as i read your reply on the best places to check in ilocos norte can you add an info about the best places to visit in vigan and even place to eat…tenx

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