The Ilocos Norte Travel Guide

Geographical Location: A land area of 3,622.91 sq km, bordered by Ilocos Sur (south), Abra (southeast), Cagayan (east) and the South China Sea (west).

Population: 547,284

Average temperature: 26.8°C

Suggested Clothing: Lightweight, protective garment for the rainy months and a thin sweater for the cooler months.

By Plane
Cebu Pacific
Manila Office: (02) 702 8888
Laoag Office: (077) 670 8464
Philippine Airlines
Manila Office: (02) 855 8888
Laoag Office: (077) 670 8533
By Bus
Manila Terminal: (02) 743 7582
Laoag Terminal: (077) 772 0126
Manila Terminal: (02) 749 4862
Laoag Terminal: (077) 770 3645
Laoag Terminal: (077) 771 7382
Maria de Leon
Manila Terminal: (02) 731 4907
Laoag Terminal: (077) 770 3532
Manila Terminal: (02) 725 1740
Laoag Terminal: (077) 771 4898
Manila Terminal: (02) 741 2994
Laoag Terminal: (077) 771 3308

Tricycles and calesas are easy, safe and inexpensive ways to get around Laoag.  Walking is advisable around downtown Laoag. To and from Laoag, you may take a jeepney, mini bus, or bus at designated terminals or pick-up points. Jeepney and van rentals are also available.

Museo Ilocos Norte
Laoag Sinking Bell Tower
Laoag (La Paz) Sand Dunes
Malacañang of The North
Marcos Mausoleum, Batac
Paoay Church
Juan Luna Shrine, Badoc
Northwestern University Botanical Gardens and Ecotourism Park
Santa Monica Church, Sarrat
Nueva Era Eco-Cultural Park
Davila Mangroves, Davila, Pasuquin
Museo de Bacarra, Bacarra Ilocos Norte
Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, Burgos
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, Burgos
Kaangrian Falls, Burgos
Bangui Windmills, Bangui
Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud
Saud White Beach Cove, Pagudpud
Patapat Viaduct, Pagudpud
Anuplig Falls, Adams
Adams Wildlife Critical Habitat (a newly declared protected area in Adams)

→ gastronomical adventure
→ horseback riding, bike cruising, extreme 4×4 and sandboarding adventure in the La Paz Sand Dunes, home of the original sandboarding in Ilocos (Contact the LEAD Movement, the creators of Ilocos Sand Boarding, for La Paz Adventure Guided Tours and Cruiser Bike, Kayak and ATV (for Kids and Adults) Rentals. Reny Tan 0919-873-5516  0917 841 5155 or Nicole Arce 0917-523-0331)
→ birdwatching, boating and bamboo rafting in Paoay Lake National Park (a protected area under the National Integrated Protected Areas System or NIPAS)
→ nature immersion, photography and/or horseback riding in Kapurpurawan, Burgos
→ spelunking in the caves of Tanap, Burgos
→ authentic farm experience in REFMAD Farms (Ilocos Norte’s first dragon fruit farm)
→ swimming, diving, surfing, kite surfing, snorkeling in Pagudpud
→ birdwatching, trekking, falls hopping and extreme mountain biking in Adams
→ nature and cultural appreciation at the Nueva Era Eco-Cultural Park
→ kayaking at the Bislak River, Umok ni Siwawer, overlooking the Vintar Dam

Fort Ilocandia Hotel and Resort
Brgy. Calayab, Laoag City
Tel No: (077): 670 9001 – 15

Java Hotel
Brgy.#55-B Salet, Gen. Segundo Ave., Laoag City
Manila Line: (02) 246 1010 Tel Fax: (077) 770 5996-97/ (02) 246 1010 Laoag Tel. Nos.: (077) 770 5996-97; (077) 771 5102; (077) 771 5144 Mobile Nos.: 0917 5005282; 0939 9165800; 092 28035282 email:

The Palacio de Laoag Hotel
P. Paterno St., Brgy. 27, Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 773 1842

Hotel Tiffany
Gen. Segundo Ave., Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 770 3550

Balay da Blas Pensionne
10 Giron St., Brgy 7-B, Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 770 4389

La Elliana Hotel
Ablan Ave. cor. Rizal St., Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 771 4876

Laoag Parklane Hotel
Brgy. 55 Barit, Gen. Segundo Ave. (Bacarra Road), Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 770 5275

Kingscourt Hotel
Brgy. 55 Barit, Gen. Segundo Ave. (Bacarra Road), Laoag City
Contact No.: (077) 772 2522 / 0919 387 8880

Northview Hotel
Brgy. 46-Nalbo, Airport Ave., Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 773 1689

Rio Grande de Laoag
Brgy. 30-Suyo, Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 770 5458

Grand Octagon Resort
Brgy. 50-Buttong, Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 670 8225

Gertes Resort Hotel
Brgy. Balatong, Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 786 1053

Viven Hotel (New)
3rd Floor, 365 Plaza, Valdez Center, San Nicolas
Tel No.: (077) 6705112 CP No.: 0917 858 3450

Ilocos Rosewell Hotel
National Highway, Barangay 1,  San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte Tel. No: 781 2122  CP #: (918)4610 482/ (9270)478 4190 Fax: 781 3700

Pamulinawen Hotel
National Highway, Brgy. 22-San Guillermo, San Nicolas
Tel No: (077) 786 1389 / 0915 04855951 / 0920-946 7558 / 0939 8622488

Mira de Polaris
Ventura St. Brgy. 1-San Francisco, San Nicolas
Tel No: (077) 670 6830

Al Nada Resort
Brgy. Lydia, Marcos
Cel No: 0906 490 5619

Casa Doña Emilia
Tel No: (077) 793 2925 / 0916 418 3171

Sitio Remedios
Brgy. Victoria, Currimao
Tel No: (02) 920 4914

Pangil Beach Resort
Brgy. Pangil, Currimao
Tel No: (077) 676 1229 / 0929 824 3588 / 0917 547 7751

Palalay Hotel
National Highway, Brgy. Bayog, Burgos
Tel No: 0920 557 7008

Tera Rikka Beach and Dive Resort
Saud White Beach Cove, Pagudpud
Tel No: (077) 676 1559

Saud Beach Resort and Hotel
Brgy. Saud, Pagudpud
Tel No: (02) 921 2856

Arinaya Beach Resort
SaudWhite Beach Cove, Pagudpud
Tel No: 0916 393 1082

Villa Del Mar Ivory Resort
Saud White Beach Cove, Pagudpud
Cel No: 0919 899 5673

Apo Idon Beach Resort
Saud White Beach Cove, Pagudpud
Tel No: (077) 676 0438

Evangeline Beach Resort
Saud White Beach Cove, Pagudpud
Cel No: 0908 863 7564

Casa Consuelo
Sitio Baniaran, Brgy. Balaoi, Pagudpud
Tel No: (077) 607 0884 / (077) 676 1735 0918 959 0757 /0918 990 5385 / 09175541860
Casa Consuelo (island reef) Facebook page

Kapuluan Vista Resort
Sitio Baniaran, Brgy. Balaoi, Pagudpud
Cel No: 0920 9522 528

The Cabanas
Sitio Baniaran, Brgy. Balaoi, Pagudpud
Cel No: 0919 387 7528 (Espie or Geralyn)

Pannzian Beach and Mountain Resort
Brgy. Pansian, Pagudpud
Cel No: 0921 637 8804

Aplaya Ortega
Brgy. Pasaleng, Pagudpud

Annavic Medrano Homestay

Macy’s Diner
Gen. Segundo Ave., Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 770 3551

Saramsam Nuevo (the new  Saramsam restaurant)
Balay da Blas, Giron St., Laoag City
Cel No: 0917 5702 110

Eagle’s Nest
Java Hotel, Gen Segundo Ave, Laoag City
Tel. No: (077) 770 5996

Tita Sarah’s Kitchen
F.R. Castro Ave., Laoag City

Red 8 Tea House
Second Level, Main Building, Fort Ilocandia Hotel Resort Hotel, Brgy. Calayab, Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 670 9001

Cafe Ilocandia
Fort Ilocandia Hotel Resort Hotel, Brgy. Calayab, Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 670 9001

La Preciosa Fine Dining
J.P. Rizal St., Laoag City / Ground Level, Robinsons IN, San Nicolas
Tel No: (077) 773 1162

J.P. Rizal St. cor. Pitangga St., Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 773 1366

Cafe Bonita
lLocated at the Laoag Parklane Hotel Gen. Segundo Ave, Brgy. Barit, Laoag City (new)

Kookie House
Gen. Segundo Ave, Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 772 0871

Oriental Kitchenette
Gen. Luna cor. Zulueta Sts., Brgy. 19, Laoag City

Kalye Lagasca (evenings only)
Lagasca St.
Laoag City

Golden Cow Restaurant
20 M.J. Guerrero St., Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 771 7546

La Moda Panciteria
Lagasca St. cor Gov. Primo Lazaro Ave., Brgy. 10, Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 772 0430

Papa Pau’s Diner
Rizal corner D.M. Castro Streets, Laoag City / MMMH & MC Compound, Batac City

Pamulinawen Fiesta Restaurant
P. Gomez St, Brgy. 15, Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 7703081

Cromwell’s Chicken Ati-Atihan
Gen. Segundo Ave., Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 770 5606

Gerry’s Grill
La Tabacalera Ilocano Lifestyle Center (beside the Museo Ilocos Norte), Laoag City

Tacos del Norte
La Tabacalera Ilocano Lifestyle Center (beside the Museo Ilocos Norte), Laoag City

Christine’s Miki Haus
33 Paco Roman St., Laoag City

M & D Store and Miki House
74 P. Acosta St. (former Siazon Road), Laoag City

Franklin’s Hi-bol
Nolasco St., Laoag City

Mildred’s Empanada
(West of the Laoag Supermarket) J.P Rizal St. cor. Villanueva St., Laoag City

Tayamen’s Fishballs, Kikiam and Isaw
Don E. Ruiz St., Laoag City

Edrotin Joy Store Barbecue
General Luna St., Laoag City

Stone House Cafe
Airport Road, Laoag City

Max’s Restaurant
Gen Segundo Ave.. Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 607 0292

Dohan Foodhouse
J.P. Rizal St, Downtown Laoag
Tel No: (077) 770 4526

Asian Garden Grill
56 General Segundo Ave., Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 771 7272

Shop & Go (24 hours)
Balintawak St., Brgy. 9, Laoag City / Gen. Segundo Ave., Laoag City

Sha-Wrap Shawarma
(Behind the Laoag City Hall) Laoag City

Cockhouse (evenings only)
F.R. Castro Ave. cor Zacarias St., Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 771 6811

Mister Donut
Gen. Segundo Ave. cor J.P. Rizal St., Laoag City / Robinsons IN, San Nicolas

Mc Donald’s
Laoag City / 365 Mall, San Nicolas

F.R. Castro St, Laoag City / Gen. Segundo Ave.. Laoag City / Ground Level, Robinsons IN, San Nicolas / Batac City

Hap Chan Tea House
(Inside SM Hypermart) Rizal St., Laoag City

C&E Pizza Pasta
P.Gomez St., Laoag City / Gen. Luna St., Laoag City / Foodcourt, Robinsons IN, San Nicolas

Dawang’s Place
Brgy. 1, National Highway, San Nicolas
Tel No: (077) 773 2026

Red Ribbon
365 Mall, National Highway, San Nicolas
Tel No: (077) 781 3888

Tribeca Cafe
365 Mall, San Nicolas

Tio Padre bar
365 Mall, San Nicolas

Greenwich Pizza
F.R. Castro Ave., Laoag City / Ground Level, Robinsons IN, San Nicolas

F.R. Castro Ave., Laoag City / Plaza Maestro, Batac City

Cooper’s Grill
Ground Level, Puregold Laoag, Rizal St., Downtown Laoag

Mang Inasal
J.P Rizal St., Laoag City / Ground Level, Robinsons IN, San Nicolas

Shakey’s Pizza
2nd Floor, 365 Mall, San Nicolas
Tel No: (077) 077 670 6480

Pizza Hut
Ground Level, Robinsons IN, San Nicolas

Ground Level, Robinsons IN, San Nicolas

Ineng’s Special BBQ
Ground Level, Robinsons IN, San Nicolas
Paco Roman St., Laoag City

Leylam’s Shawarma
Second Level, Robinsons IN, San Nicolas

Riverside Empanadahan
Batac City

Malabed’s Miki and Longaniza
Brgy. Caunayan, Batac City

Vista del Lago Restaurant
National Highway (by the Paoay Lake), Paoay
Cel Nos.: 0917 729 3074 / 0998 989 9274

Herencia Cafe
Sangladan, Paoay

Rufino’s Cafe (New Location)
Paseo de Paoay, Paoay, Ilocos Norte

Mino’s Italian Pizza (Opens Mondays to Saturdays)
Brg. 1-Canaang
Tel. No. (077) 670 0083 / 0926 646 4174

Shore Stop
National Highway, Brgy. 18-San Isidro, Pasuquin
Cel No: 0918 692 3522

Pasuquin Bakery
Brgy. 3, Pasuquin
Cel No: 0928 7763591

Brgy. 1-Paayas, Burgos

Monte Mar Restaurant Authentic Ilocano Food
National Highway, Burgos

Jhonfel’s Bibingka and Cassava Cake (also serving meals)
National Highway, Burgos

Palalay Hotel
National Highway

KangKang Windmill Cafe
Sitio KangKang, Brgy. Baruyen, Bangui

Bergblick Deutsches Restaurant (Open Tuesdays to Sundays)
Sitio Salucag, Brgy. Burayoc, Pagudpud
Cel No: 0939 458 1642 / 0921 9547747

Mekeni Palutuan (Manang Yolly)
Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud

Casa Consuelo
Sitio Baniaran, Brgy. Balaoi, Pagudpud

Casa Consuelo – Choco’s Lechon
Sitio Baniaran, Brgy. Balaoi, Pagudpud

Kapuluan Vista Resort
Sitio Banniaran, Brgy. Balaoi, Pagudpud

Museo Ilocos Norte Sarusar Shop
Gen. Luna St., Laoag City

Laoag City Supermarket
J.P. Rizal St., Laoag City

Choco’s Lechon (Ilocos longaniza, embutido and other processed meats)
Main Store Bacarra Road,  Laoag City
National Highway cor. Airport Rd. (beside Asia Construction), Brgy. Nangalisan, Laoag City
Batac Branch (at the back of the Batac City Hall near, the Philippine National Bank)
Casa Consuelo, Sitio Baniaran, Balaoi, Pagudpud

Tayamen’s Longaniza
Don. E. Ruiz St., Laoag City

Dap-ayan ti Ilocos
J.P. Rizal St., Laoag City

Cormel Foods
54 Andres Castro St., Laoag City
Tel No: (077) 772-1274
Fax: (077) 217-3914

Malabed’s Miki and Longaniza
Brgy. Caunayan, Batac City

Nagbacalan Loom Weavers Multi-Purpose Cooperative Inc.
Brgy. Nagbacalan, Paoay

Nana Rosa’s Cornik

Victor Angel’s Cornick and Food Products
Brgy. 3 Salbang, Paoay

Pasuquin Bakery
Brgy. 3, Pasuquin

Brgy. 1-Paayas, Burgos

Lolo Ingga’s Tapuey and Bugnay Wine

Adams Winemakers Association

Tropical Living / Ilocos Putopao
221 Rizal St., Laoag City

Islands Souvenirs
Robinsons Ilocos, San Nicolas

Namnama’s Food Products
#3 Salbang, Paoay
CP Nos: (0916) 6808 201 / (0999) 7527 975

Choco’s Pasalubong Shop (New)
National Highway, Gaoa, Pagudpud

Petrina’s pastries & delicacies (New)
National Highway, Brgy. 22- Bani, Bacarra, Ilocos Norte (8 kms north of Laoag City)
Tel. No.: 077 676 0161  CP No.: 0922 815 9203

(You may print if you wish☺)

129 thoughts on “The Ilocos Norte Travel Guide

  1. been to the Ilocandia many times but is scenery never stops amusing me. I am proud to be an ILOCANO by blood. Agbiag dagiti ilokano.

  2. Hi! 🙂 I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now and I find it very informative! 🙂 We’re going to Ilocos next week. Would you have any recommendations for accommodations in Saud? Like which resorts are really beachfront? 🙂

    Thank you in advance! 🙂

    • Oh, thanks, Sharleen! Villa del Mar Ivory, Saud Resort, Arinaya. Terra Rika and Apo Idon and Kingfisher are pretty close to the beach. Evangeline and Apo Idon’s (restos) are extended, facing the beach.

  3. hi! i’m so glad i found this site! truly helpful for our planned trip to vigan and laoag next week. will definitely be checking on your site from time to time just in case we would find ourselves at a loss as to what to do and where to go.

  4. hello po, can u pls suggest a bus line that can bring us to manila and back here in ilocos?ung pwedeng irent.. roundtrip po.thanks!

    • i think pwede lahat like Maria de Leon, Farinas, Florida or RCJ. Canvass ka na lang, Lala. Hope you make a good deal. Pwede din mini bus like Laforga or Rondall trans if you’re about 30 lang para cozy.

  5. hi..i chanced upon your blog while searching for a place to buy sand boarding equipment. reading through, i was surprised to see our small business establishment listed in your places to eat and buy pasalubong. thank you for the endorsement 🙂 More power!

  6. Hi. Thank you for this site. My family and I are planning to have our first ever vacation in Pagudpud. This will surely be of help.

  7. planning on a trip to pagudpud (blue lagoon) this june, but we are on a limited budget… just family with 5 members adults/kids… any suggestions?

    • there are a number of homestays in the Blue Lagoon area. i’ll try to post something about homestays in the area before the Holy Week.

  8. Hi there! What can you recommend for a family of 4 (2 kids both 5 years of age)? We are planning a day trip to Pagudpud. We previously stayed at Saud. I would like to explore the Blue Lagoon area this time.

    • in the Blue Lagoon area, i usually stay at the KApuluan Vista Resort, the CAsa Comsuelo homestay and I’ve tried the new The Cabanas homestay, but I find the first two more suitable for a family with little ones. there’s a big resort in front of the Blue Lagoon if you want something nearer the swim area and if you you prefer more than a quiet beach vacation. i suggest you book early ‘coz it’s difficult to book in the summer.

  9. Hi. i find your posts helpful. we are travelling to laoag on march 31 for a five day trip. I wanna know how many hours do we alot for sand dunes plus the surfing? Thanks a lot!

    • The sand adventure in la Paz is normally one hour, so plus 10 minutes travel time from Laoag and another 10 mins going back to Laoag. Thanks!

  10. Hi, I would like to thank you for your blog as it is very informative. I will be going to Pagudpud on April 5 together with my family. As I will be leaving (driving) Manila to Pagudpud by (6pm) on April 5, do you have any recommendation on where I could have a “power nap” (2-3 hrs sleep) in Vigan or Laoag before we proceed with our scheduled Laoag Sand Dunes Tour? I will be needing the nap as we will be touring Laoag before proceeding to Pagudpud. Thanks very much.

    • if you don’t mind staying at an inn, there’s Kingscourt along the highway going to Pagudpud, just about 5 mins away from the Laoag centro. There are good downtown hotels in Laoag like Hotel Tiffany which has a diner below, Renzo Hotel near the Johnson’s Mart ad Isabel Suites. Thanks, Philip!

  11. Very informative page, kudos to the owner!
    We intend to visit Laoag anytime in May, but got a little idea about the place. Through the net, I was able to gather some interesting places we plan to visit..however, we do not know which one to go first, etc. We shall be staying at the Fort Ilocandia. Please arrange these spots based on time, accessibility coming from the hotel:
    Bojeador lighthouse
    Dand dunes in la paz
    St. william cathedral
    Marcos museum, batac
    Blue lagoon
    Saud beach
    Paoay church
    Souvenir stores

    many thanks

    • Hi, Penny! Here’s my suggestion. I’d prefer to do Pagudpud last coz it’d be the most demanding and needs one whole day.

      Day One
      Paoay Church
      Marcos Museum, Batac
      → → → Batac Empanada or lunch in Laoag
      St. William Cathedral
      Souvenir Stores in Laoag
      La Paz Sand Dunes

      Day Two
      Cape Bojeador
      Saud Beach
      Blue Lagoon

  12. thanks much! However, i have missed including my fave spots, Bangui windmills, Malacanang of the north, Kapurpurawan Rock formation 😦

    Is it true that sand boarding is better in the PM, say 5pm?

    thanks again!

  13. Hi again..Thanks for this itinerary, but can you please insert these places, too?
    Bangui Windmills, Malacanang of the North and Kapurpurawan Formation

    Day One
    Paoay Church
    Marcos Museum, Batac
    → → → Batac Empanada or lunch in Laoag
    St. William Cathedral
    Souvenir Stores in Laoag
    La Paz Sand Dunes

    Day Two
    Cape Bojeador
    Saud Beach
    Blue Lagoon

    Thanks much!

    • Day One
      Malacanang of the North
      Paoay Church
      Marcos Museum, Batac
      → → → Batac Empanada or lunch in Laoag
      St. William Cathedral
      Souvenir Stores in Laoag
      La Paz Sand Dunes

      Day Two
      Cape Bojeador
      Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
      Bangui Windmills
      Saud Beach
      Blue Lagoon

  14. am planning a trip to ilocos next weekend with my family. we will be driving to the area. what place do you suggest we stay as our base, laoag or vigan? may not do pagudpud anymore but thinking of checking in one night at currimao playa tropical for the beach. thanks

    • deb, both vigan and laoag are okay, but you will be needing more time to explore laoag since the must-sees in norte are not all in just laoag, so i guess laoag is the more convenient base.

  15. Hi! this site is a find! Can you recommend a van rental service for a party of 8 or 12? we were thinking of parking our vehicles in fort ilocandia and just day tours to the sites with van rentals so we don’t worry about the destination, etc. as we’re stringing along 6 very energetic kids. =)

    • Hi, D! Can you pls call/text Reny of LEAD Movement @ this numbers: 0919-873-5516 ; 0917-841-5155 He can help you with details, free of charge:) He’s the hubby and pls tell him you were referred by me. He has the numbers of the van rentals owner, also a good friend and member of LEAD. Thanks!

  16. hello,were planning to go in ilocos on november,we will be staying at balay da blas pension house,can you give us an iterinary because we want to see all the tourist spots in laoag,vigan and pagudpod,thank you and God bless you!

    • In Laoag, try to visit the Museo Iloco, if you’re goin’ to Vigan from Laoag, You might as well go early, walk around Calle Crisolo, take photos at the St. Paul Cathedral, Crisologo and Syquia Mansions, eat at Grandpa’s Inn (Kusina Feliciras or Uno Grille) or Cafe Leona and take a calesa to go to the loomweabers, Hidden Garden, and Bantay Belltower and try to catch the 5pm cut-off at the Marcos Mausoleum in Batac. Batac empanada is a must! If you still have time visit the Malacanang of the North and Paoay Lake after checking out Paoay Church. Paugudpud should be last coz it will be hectic with all the walking you will be doing visiting Palpalokada, Kapurpurawan, Bangui Windmills, Cape Bojeador. There are many good spots in Pagudpud like Saud Cove and Blue Lagoon. Food is super at Bergblick German restaurant. On your way home, if farm experience is your thing, you may want to drop by REFMAD dragod Fruit Farm for some snacks.

  17. Hello,

    Your blog is really helpful!

    Btw, we are going to Saud beach on Sep 14 and 15 only, just want to ask if there are nearby places we can visit and take photographs?

    Our itinerary is below:
    Sep14 ETA on LAOAG AIRPORT: 2:10PM
    Sep15 ETD from LAOAG AIRPORT: 3PM

    We really have a tight schedule and we just want to visit the beach and the wind mills. Can you suggest other places we could visit?

    • your visit is so short!! if you want beautiful or interesting backdrop within the Pagudpud area, surely one day is not enough! You can instead take photos of food at Bergblick Deutsches Restaurant like marrungay ravioli and local seafood dishes, go for a mini trek in Balaoi for a good shot of the Blue Lagoon, shoot buko stalls/fish vendors along the highway (those are interesting to me at least) and there’s this resort with a rustic feel in Capirispisan that offers kite surfing. Try to visit Adams on your next trip to Laoag. It’s a quaint mountain town next to Pagudpud. A lot of hanging bridges and waterfalls, lovely greeeery!

  18. Hi! We are going to Laoag via Florida Bus. Can you suggest a nearby inn where we can freshen up. Just a short period of time. 2-3 hrs maybe. Thanks.

  19. “nakarating na po kami sa musoleo….husto”. maraming salamat po and more power. sana magkaroon po kau ng blog after Pagudpod area, yung papuntang Cagayan->tuguegarao area.

    • been recommending Kingscourt to tourists asking for a place to stay briefly or an inn of sorts. i’ll post once i get the contact details.

  20. Hi All, I would like to visit REFMAD farms, what is the best way to get there. Do I fly into Laoag then rent a car or take a taxi. Thanks for any help.

    • Hi, Sebastian! There are no taxis in Laoag. Just get to the Laoag City proper and ask a tricycle driver to bring you to the Pagudpud terminal or Florida or GMW terminal and stop in front of the Burgos town hall and ride a tricycle to REFMAD. You may contact a van driver (find number in this guide) prior to your visit if you want hassle-free traveling though.

  21. hello po, can i have ms. alicia’s contacts, magtatanong lang po ako where to buy halal foods. a friend of mine is planning to visit laoag (from US) but her problem is where to find halal food for her friends who are muslims. thanks and Godbless u.

  22. hi! I am looking for Chef Tony’s popcorn for my parents to bring home to the US…I read your blog that there is a store in Robinson Ilocos Norte. Is this correct?

  23. how happy i am to found your blog..
    got lots of inquiries for its our first time to travel vigan,..we plan to take plane going to laoag :
    : from the airport is there a bus that goes directly to vigan?
    : do you have any idea how much is the fare going to vigan?
    : which place is more nice to stay in vigan or laoag?
    kindly reply…thank you

    • hi, Armi! the bus that goes directly to the centro of Vigan is Partas, although all buses going south like Manila pass by the rd going to the heart of Vigan. You can always take the tricycle. A little more than a hundred pesos is the fare. I’ve never stayed in Vigan. I think you can be based in Ilocos Norte, then spend a day in Vigan. The places to see in Norte are farther away each other, while you can tour Vigan’s Calle Crsologo and the rest of the herotage attractions in a day or two.

  24. Hello! Your site is a great find indeed! I have read your posts on the Palpakolada. I am traveling to Burgos with 8 high school classmates (UHSM’77) on the 25th of January. We are interested in visiting the Palpakolada, and would appreciate it if you can provide us a contact person to serve as guide and make arrangement for horses. I assure you we are responsible travelers and minimize our impact on the places we visit. 🙂 Jack

    • Contact the Burgos tourism office at +63-77-7861408. Or call Mayor Cris Garcia: 0928-5510452, 0917-5190665 and Jonas Tesoro: 0928-5510381, 0905-3520633, 0915-5211885. A windmill farm construction project is going on around the area right now I think.

  25. thank helpful… pls could you help us make a iterinary for this : 9:00 am trvel to Vigan dn we will stay there for a night next we have a whole day and day after nxt we will plan to get back manila in the afternoon.. Im not sure if it is a good idea.
    open for suggestions

    • it’s possible to tour Vigan and neighboring Bantay. Maybe you could take a late trip back to Manila ad save some time for the dancing fountains show at Plaza Salcedo.

  26. I’m scheduled to go to Vigan and Laoag this Feb and I have already reserved a bus ride bound to Laoag. Days will fall on Monday and Tuesday. However, someone told me that some of the places to visit in Laoag are closed on Mondays. Hence, can you advise a better itinerary/plan for the said dates?

    (Original plan/Plan A: to book a hotel in Laoag for 2 days, tour Vigan on Monday then tour Laoag on Tuesday. Plan B: Tour Vigan on Monday and overnight stay then tour Laoag on Tuesday and overnight stay.)

    • I don’t know of important places in Laoag that close on Mondays. Both are good, it’s your choice. You can tour Vigan however in less than 8 hours, so you will be needing extra time for Laoag, unless you don’t intend to visit the other towns like Batac, Paoay, Burgos, etc.

  27. I think the place mentioned to me was the “Malacañang of the North”, which is closed on Mondays. But anyways, ill try to confirm that when I’m already there. Thanks for giving a tip for Vigan tour and, actually, I intend to go to the towns in between like Batac and Paoay (and also if you know other places to recommend for Laoag-Vigan Tour). I don’t have a set itinerary or the packaged ones so i’ll be doing everything spontaneously. Since Batac and Paoay are near Laoag, ill probably just combine the Laoag city tour and Vigan together on Monday, then do Batac-Paoay on Tuesday. Is Vigan good to visit in noon or evening? (hopefully there’s a bus back to Laoag in the evening!)

    Thanks for your prompt response!

    • I’ve never visited on a Monday. Buses to Laoag from Vigan are every hour if you take Partas which is just a tricycle ride away from Calle Crisologo. You have to go before noon I guess. You can visit the Laoag market, Sinking Bell Tower and the Museo Iloco in the morning. A must in Batac is empanada, of course. There are tricycles going to Malacanang of the North. Sitio Remedios in Currimao is also a good place to visit. There’s am entrance fee for a tour only.

  28. Really great stuff! Anyway, my friends and I are planning a 2-day trip to Pagudpud (ETA Pagudpud March 29 AM and ETD March 30 PM, so short, i know 😦 ). But anyway, we’re on a tight budget since we’re students. Can you please recommend budget friendly accommodations and activities / side trips in Blue Lagoon? (approx. costs will be much appreciated) Thanks a lot! 🙂

  29. Or, may suggestion po ba kayo what’s the safest bus transport po pauwing Manila? 🙂 I’m planning to visit Babuyan islands 2 weeks from now. Thanks for all the help, Ms. blauearth:)

    • from Babuyan Islands, I don’t have any idea, but from Laoag, you can take Maria de Leon, Farinas and Partas.

  30. Ms. Blauearth, we already booked ticket to Laoag on April 9, 2014. How long will it take going to Claveria? 🙂 we plan to ride a Lampitaw on April 10 at 6 a.m. Are there buses na humihinto din to from laoag to Burgos-Bangui-Pagudpud?Plan ko kasi muna bisitahin ang palpakolada, Bangui windmill, and Kapurpurawan. 🙂 Thank you so much!

    • pagudpud to claveria is about an hour. yes, buses usually stop at those places and puede hire tricycle from any point.

  31. there are buses or mini bus or suv going to those places but u should stop to downtown or to its municipality para kumuha ng tricycle sa gusto mong pasyalan at para di ka mahirapan kumuha ng tricycle para maarkila cpz no puv going to those places like kapupurawan, windmill, or lighthouse..kasi po papasok po lahat yan wala po sa national highway.. god bless

  32. Ms. Blauearth, i’m planning on going to Ilocos this month, maybe on the 20th,
    any suggestions where to stay so we can tour to La Paz Sand Dunes and Bangui Windmills?
    Thank you.. 🙂

  33. Hi, Blue Earth. My sisters and I are going to Ilocos this June 11-14, 2014. Can you recommend a 4 days/3 nights itinerary that includes Laoag, Vigan, and Pagudpud? We also want to include La Paz Sand Dunes. Can you also recommend a cheap van rental since we are only a group of 3? Thanks for your help. 🙂

  34. Hi blauearth
    My hubby, a buddy and I is planning to go in Ilocos this June. Help me for a 2days itinerary. I know it is quite short but surely we can still enjoy the moment. Please include the bangui mills and some historical heritage. Thank you.

  35. While I’m reading your blog feels amazing to be an Ilocano! Kudos to you! This blog is very informative and reliable! Btw you can visit MINOS pizza and pasta in Badoc one of the best and very Italian with ilocos touch! 👍 more blogs! ❤️😘

  36. HI miss blauearth! Can you please recommend a one day transportation rental for two to pagudpud , bangui windmills & other nearby tourist spots? Thanks ahead!

  37. I love your blog Ma’am! ❤ 😀 and so are your photos. I am also from Ilocos Norte and I was once dreaming to create a blog like this to feature our province but since Im only a mere student, i cant afford to travel on my own yet 😀 haha more power!

  38. hello ma’am blauearth.
    i would like to suggest LC REYES Hotel & Restaurant on your “where to stay” list.
    LC Reyes H&R is in Baruyen, Bangui, Ilocos Norte.
    Contact number: +63 905 272 5136
    ty in advance ma’am.

  39. hello, good day, i like reading your blog, its very informative. I and my daughter are going to ilocos norte this april for 3 days two nights, we’re commuting by land from manila. could you you suggest an itinerary for us, including what to ride and where to stay? I would very much like to see the windmills…

    • Hi, Cristina! I can’t PM you on FB, and I dont have your addy. Anyways, if you like to take the bus, you can choose between Farinas TRans on Gov. Forbes, Florida in Cubao or on Lacson and Maria de Leon on Dapitan. The hotels I suggest in Laoag are Parklane or Tiffany Hotel along Bacarra Rd or Java Hotel if you want medyo high end. I’m sure you will love REFMAD Farms, Kapurpurawan if you like to travel to Bangui. The Paoay Church down south is also a great spot, then you may want to eat the famous empanada in Batac.

  40. Hi ms. Blauearth I’m so inlove with ure blog …. We’re going for a 2days stay in ilocos 2 weeks for now can I ask for an itinerary from u ..coz I can’t complete my itinerary coz there are some interesting and beautiful spot from vigan to pagudpud pls help. We’re stay in currimao pls help ure reply is very much appreciated thank you so much in advance

  41. do you have any review about d’ coral beach resort?planning to go there next week or do you have any suggestions.beach/resort in currimao where kids can swim safe?

    • try subli-subli, pangil resort in the western side of currimao or sitio remedios or playa tropical for something more unique.

  42. Hi. My friend and I are going to visit Ilocos. 3D2N. Is it better to stay in one hotel (Vigan) or 1 night in Laoag, and 1 night in Vigan? Thanks!!!

  43. Hi i would just like to ask on what place it is better to go to 1st I just want to tour around vigan & see the paoay church & hoping to see the bangui windmill as well Can i do that all in one day? Before going to la union Thank you 🙂

    • Hi, Alfonso! It would be too tiring to make it all in one day, but I guess you can do it, and make sure to be at the first destination early in the morning to be able to catch sunset at the last point. Vigan to Bangui is approximately 3 hours, which makes Paoay a good pit stop as there good restaurants around the church.

  44. Helo , thank you for the very informative blog, my family is planning to visit Ilocos Norte soon, do you have any recommendation for accomodation, or some restaurants and beaches near a city ?>

  45. Hi,ask ko lang po if advisable na mag rent pa ng sasakyan pag mag tour around vigan? Or ok na ung calesa ride? Thanks

    • Calesa or tricycle rides are fine Jemellee if you need to go to places like Bantay Bell Tower, Baluarte, Marsha’s, etc. Calle Crisologo, Plaza Burgos, Vigan Cathedral are walkable if your hotel is within the center of Vigan.

  46. hi blauearth, been following alot lately sa blog mu – very incising talaga, anywayz finally i got time to go ilocos woohooo.. but ill be coming from cebu – will hop a plane mnl to Laoag (ETA 130pm on day1). planning to stay 3N/4D… i cant seem to fit SandSUrfing kc dapat dw early morning or late afternoon… pls poh need advise on this, im planning also to rent a van from LAO to Vigan para mapuntahan as much as possible yung my site.. thanx agen

  47. Good day Ms. BE,

    Love the review. Lots of information. I would really appreciate it if you can help us plan our trip this december 26-30.

    Our plan is to stay for 2 nights in pagudpud, 1 night in laoag and 1 night in vigan.

    The problem is all the accomodations we wanted to stay in pagudpud are booked.
    If we will not be able to stay in pagudpud is there a place in bangui or burgos you can recommend or just make laoag our base? I have a 4 year old boy and a pool would be nice during our stay if we are not near the beach.

    Thank you!

  48. Hi, blue earth.
    Kindly help us for our itinerary. We’ll be in ilocos this April 5, arriving around 6am, via fariñas trans, laoag route.
    Since we already have a villa reservation in Santiago, this April 5, which place is better to let us drop off, laoag or vigan, to start some tour around since check in time in villa is 2pm?
    We’re planning to have vigan, laoag, pagudpud tour. Help us to have a good itinerary for this trip. We’re staying in ilocos for 4-5 days.
    Lookin’ forward and many thanks ahead.

    • Vigan is a good place to start. You can use your 1st morning straight from the bus touring Vigan, coz you don’t really need more than a day to tour the city, then on your way to Laoag on presumably the second or third day, I don’t know coz you didn’t mention where you’re goin’ to be billeted on day 2, day 3, and so on, you can visit Badoc Island (optional) and the musts — Sitio Remedios in Currimao, Paoay Church, Batac, Malacanang of the North and Paoay Lake, Fort Ilocandia (optional); and in Laoag — the Laoag Sand Dunes, the original site for off-roading/sand boarding, have a gastro adventure (you can refer in my my post, the 10 best places to eat in Ilocos Norte), visit the Laoag Sinking Belltower and Cathedral. Maybe you’d like to check out the Sarrat Church, but it can be out of the way. On your way to Pagudpud, buy the famous Pasuquin biscocho in Pasuquin Bakery, drop by Refmad dragon fruit farm, then Kapurpurawan Rock Formation and Cape Bojeador in Burgos, then the windmills of Bangui. In Pagudpud, you didn’t mention where you’d be staying, so it’s tricky. The good places to eat in Pagudpud are scattered. There’s Evangeline’s in Saud, Bergblick in Burayoc, which is not too far, and SEAs Kitchen. So budget is important when choosing a place to eat in Pagudpud. Lots of good palutuan in Blue Lagoon. Especially love Yolly’s. Don’t forget the Patapat Viaduct. If you have time, you can also make Adams a day tour coz it’s near Pagudpud. You can actually reserve 2 days for Northern Ilocos Norte coz there’s so much to see. Hope I gave you a good tapered IT.

  49. I’m a student in the nearby province of Cagayan and would love to visit Ilocos. Any tipid sites kasi budget vacation namin!

    • Tourist spots are almost on the tipid side — you will have to make wise choices though for food and transpo like taking the bus and tricycle which is available even in towns where the attractions are like to Kapurpurawan or Cape Bojeador or to Blue Lagoon from the highway.

  50. Good day ma’am/sir,
    Your blog has a lot of followers. We are experiencing alot of call from your followers thru this 09189081071 but mat we please recomend to change it to 09088637564 our front desk officers number. We appreciate your blog very much. Hoping to see you soon.

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