The smoothie bowl comes to Ilocos


We like to Instagram everything, and the so-called breakfast photographers are now the influencers of the world. Yassss, bowls are the new plates! Next to rice, what about spooning our smoothies from a bowl?

According to Earth Bowls, set to launch a pop-up stall at the iconc La Paz Sand Dunes, in Laoag, at the start of summer, this coming March 30-31, a healthy eating lifestyle change should be fun and delicious. Barely out of college, Laoagueños Modesty Eugenio and Brandon Tan have partnered to introduce the smoothie bowl as well as promote nutrient-dense eating.




BlauEarth: I know you two are foodies, like always in the kitchen, or eating out, and now, you yourselves are making food a business. What made you fix on smoothie bowls?

Modesty: Bran and I always love eating, but for the past year, we started to eat clean as frequently as we can, and smoothie bowls are yummy healthy snack that we think everyone can actually enjoy.

Natural and/or organic are on average costly. Will an earth bowl be affordable?

M: Healthy eating has always been perceived as costly, but with great effort, we managed to source locally made ingredients to make every earth bowl affordable and healthy because we believe that these two can go hand in hand.

Brandon, were you also part of recipe development?

B: Yes, Modesty and I both gave our own list of recipes. We made a total of 12 recipes and cut it down to 5 with the help of family and friends. We spent two straight days tasting every recipe and there was no guilt eating through all those bowls of fruits.

What is your favorite earth bowl?

B: My favorite earth bowl would be the one with mango, spinach and strawberry (there’s no name yet). I never knew these three could go well together. Definitely, love at first taste.

Food preparation as a business can be very demanding, it is also an art that requires skills, how prepared are you trying your hand at something new?

B: I’m the type of person who loves trying new things. Being the first to introduce smoothie bowls in Ilocos is exciting, and to sustain the trend is challenging.

I see it’s a pop-up stall, do you imagine it as a brick-and-mortar business soon?

M: Yes, definitely, the original plan was a cafe-like establishment but we didn’t have much time to plan due to conflicting schedules. We are planning to launch it before the month of August. And once it’s put up, we have our fingers crossed that it’s going to be the go-to snack stop in Ilocos.

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Have An Ice Day


Just living is not enough. Fresh air, a walk in nature, those little details around can refresh the spirit. I believe in the healing power of nature, and thanks to Big Bear, Angelenos can conveniently have fun in the snow and bask in nature’s awesomeness. In my case it was a day out with a friend. Ice, ice, baby!

Hope you like the photos.


Nicely done fried ice cream at the local BLT’s Restaurant.



The game-changing Laoag sandboarding on its 9th year

The LEAD (Laoag Eco-Adventure Development) Movement kids, who helped put the Laoag Sand Dunes on the adventure map, now grown-ups, in a more adultish vid.


So many changes since that trial ride on August 2, 2009 in La Paz. A co-op has brought together LEAD, the originators of sandboarding in the Philippines, and all the other operators who came after LEAD, for a common good, which is to boost tourism in Laoag City and the rest of the North. The expansive dunes which also cover parts of Paoay and Currimao make Ilocos Norte extraordinary. Have you had your own sand adventure yet?


How to store longer and recook Machang

Pork Sticky RiceB93A1E22-7296-4C02-840D-5F3D2B4AB291Machang

I just realized I posted about machang, those Chinese pandan leaves wrapped sticky rice cakes you may have seen in specialty stores in any Chinatown in the world, but I never really mentioned how to make them last longer to save you on trips to the store, especially if you live in the province. But in my hometown of Laoag,  machang is on the Macy’s Diner menu, but because my husband knows where to buy it by the dozen in Manila, he not only saves time, but money as well.

Now that I’ve been living a schizo life in LA, I actually don’t have much time for too many things such as going to the Kang Kang Food Court, in Alhambra, where machang (zongzi, bah-chang, jung, dong, Chinese suman, or however you call the sticky rice cake) tastes like the one I’ve grown up eating in the Philippines, however, I can bring home a bunch, store them and enjoy them later like they are newly made.


Machang can stay in the fridge for up to 3 days, and beyond that, store them in the freezer. To recook frozen machang, straight from the freezer, boil it for one hour, a little longer if you are cooking more than one piece. Don’t be impatient and open the lid frequently. For cold machang, boil for 20 minutes. Unwrap before serving.

Guaranteed, it will taste as fresh as the day you bought it. Enjoy!


This machang from Kang Kang was insanely good!

Til my next post.